• Coming late Feb-March 2018: Students who applied to a Magnet Program (International Baccalaureate, Performing and Visual Arts or STEM/BMAH) and were eligible had their Magnet numbers submitted to a third-party vendor for a randomized, non-weighted lottery.  Parents will be notified of lottery results by the end of February, pending inclement weather delaying auditions and interviews. 

    Note for current 4th and 7th graders: on-time Fall applications will be open October 15, 2018-noon, November 30, 2018 for SY 2019-2020 admission.


  • The waitlist will be disbanded the last week of September.  After the waitlist is disbanded for applicants (school year 2019-2020), no further offers for IB MYP DP, PVA, or STEM will be made.


    Welcome and Registration Night 2018 will be posted here after lottery results are provided. A copy will be sent as an attachment with the original seat offer.  Please attend only if you have accepted a SEAT offer.