Environmental Literacy Explorations

  • The Environmental Literacy Signature Program offers several course offerings for students. All ninth grade students enroll in Global Community Citizenship course. The Environmental Literacy Explorations 1B is the next suggested Signature offering. This one semester hands-on course allows the students to explore environmental issues and topics through engaging, project-based activities and field experiences. 

    The Environmental Literacy Explorations 2 course is a full-year offering. In this course, students learn how to become a project manager as they investigate an environmental issue of personal importance and complete a year long capstone course. Capstone projects from former students include the following examples: designing an outdoor classroom space for our Child Development pre-school, building birdhouses for Magothy River MS, designing and implementing lessons on environmental issues in middle & elementary school, and creating garden spaces and restoration plantings. 

    In the Spring of 2021, the Broadneck HS Signature program will be working with AACC to bring Dual Credit offerings to BHS juniors at AACC. Spring course offerings will include HEA 111, BIO 130, and ACA 100. These offerings are taken together and will replace BHS course offerings during 1 class block. 




Graduation Pathways


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    Internship Facilitator
    Broadneck HS Internships

    Featured Signature Program Internships in Environmental Literacy

    Annapolis Maritime Museum  
    Anne Arundel County's Lost Towns Project          
    Arlington Echo/Woodlands Camp    
    Back Creek Conservancy        
    County Government/Legislative Services
    Department of Natural Resources    
    Goshen Farm Preservation Society    
    Historic London Town & Gardens: Horticulture Support Intern
    Magothy River Association              
    Smithsonian Environmental Research Center 



  • Students observing plants growing in cinderblocks.

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