Grade 3 - 5 Assessments

  • Beginning in Grade 3, we begin to monitor student progress in reading, mathematics, science, and social studies. Each assessment is designed to last between 45 -- 60 minutes.

    • 3 reading assessments
    • 3 mathematics assessments
    • 2 science assessments
    • 2 social studies projects/presentations

    Teachers may use the results of these assessments to help determine student progress in the course; however, teacher assessments and classwork will determine at least 95% of a student's grade in each subject.

    In addition to district assessments, students will also take the PARCC Assessment in literacy and mathematics and the Grade 5 students will take the MISA Assessment in science. PARCC and MISA are required by the State of Maryland and the results do not affect a student's grade.

    Finally, Grade 5 students who were not identified as gifted and talented in Grade 2 have an opportunity to take the CogAT as part of a process for gifted and talened identification. 

    Assessment Schedule for AACPS District Created/Selected Assessments

    To see the Grades 3-5 AACPS District-Created/Selected Assessment Fact Sheets, click here

    To see the 3-5 AACPS Assessment Calendar, click here. Please note that the calendar provides a WINDOW of dates. Each school/teacher selects dates within the windows. Contact your child's school directly for the specific dates.