Grade 3 - 5 Assessments

  • We are currently updating this page. This page will be updated on or before October 1, 2020. We will revise it to reflect the most current requirements from MSDE. 


    Beginning in Grade 3, we begin to monitor student progress in reading, mathematics, science, and social studies. Each assessment is designed to last between 45 -- 60 minutes.

    • 3 reading assessments
    • 3 mathematics assessments
    • 2 science assessments
    • 2 social studies projects/presentations

    Teachers may use the results of these assessments to help determine student progress in the course; however, teacher assessments and classwork will determine at least 95% of a student's grade in each subject.

    In addition to district assessments, students will also take the PARCC Assessment in literacy and mathematics and the Grade 5 students will take the MISA Assessment in science. PARCC and MISA are required by the State of Maryland and the results do not affect a student's grade.

    Finally, Grade 5 students who were not identified as gifted and talented in Grade 2 have an opportunity to take the CogAT as part of a process for gifted and talened identification. 

    Assessment Schedule for AACPS District Created/Selected Assessments

    To see the Grades 3-5 AACPS District-Created/Selected Assessment Fact Sheets, click here

    To see the 3-5 AACPS Assessment Calendar, click here. Please note that the calendar provides a WINDOW of dates. Each school/teacher selects dates within the windows. Contact your child's school directly for the specific dates.