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  • Are School Psychological Services Provided in Every School?

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    School Psychologists are assigned to every pubic school in Anne Arundel County.  School Social Workers are assigned to specific schools that have programs and services for students with more intensive needs.  Both school psychologists and school social workers are trained to work with students from early childhood through the age of 21.

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  • Who Benefits from Psychological Services?

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    Most children and teenagers face problems from time to time.  Some problems that school psychologists or school social workers may assist with include: 

    Excessive worry or anxiety about school
    Struggling with learning or organization problems
    Children with a suspeced or an identified disability
    Feeling sad lonely angry or rejected
    Drug or Alcohol Abuse
    Difficulty managing behavior or managing emotions               
    Thoughts of suicide       
    Self injurious behavior                                                                                                  
    Problems with family or friends

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  • What Services Are Provided?

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    School psychologists and school social workers work with parents, teachers and school personnel to:

    Provide insight and understanding of individual student’s unique needs•Provide understanding of diverse learners and effective strategies  

    Provide suggestions for helping your child academically, socially or emotionally at home

    Improve the working relationships among parents, teachers and administrators 

    Access available community resources to assist the student and family

    Coordinate with private mental health providers when appropriate

    School psychologists and school social workers are also instrumental to the success of the Collaborative Decision Making consultation model; serving as county-wide coaches or school team members.  


    When appropriate, school psychologists are qualified to conduct individual student assessments in an effort to measure:

    Cognitive ability including strengths and weaknesses   

    Adaptive behavior including self -help and social skills

    Emotional and behavioral development

    Direct Intervention

    School psychologist and school social workers work directly with individual students and or families to resolve problems. Depending on the situation and needs the following may be provided within the school setting to support students in accessing their education or meeting established educational goals.

    Individual Counseling

    Behavior Management

    Crisis Intervention

    Support groups with specific focus such as grief, social skills development, managing anger or community building

    Members of county wide crisis team (activated when needed)


    Provide training to staff to ensure safety and well -being of all students including suicide prevention trainings.

    Training and support to staff to promote cultural proficiency and acceptance of all student groups

    Participate in school wide initiatives to address bullying and promote use of Positive Behavior Intervention supports (PBIS).

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