• children reading in front of color

    The Elementary reading classroom is student centered and designed to encourage students to investigate new ways to engage, learn, and achieve through 21st Century Literacy skills!

    AACPS are committed to ensuring that all students graduate College and Career ready. To accomplish this, we commit ourselves to:


    provide students with a solid foundation in the content and processes in literacy

    provide opportunities for students to become successful communicators, to read comprehensively, write effectively, speak meaningfully, and listen critically

    provide rigorous curriculum, instruction and assessments that align to the Maryland College and Career Readiness Standards for English/Language Arts.

    The Elementary Reading/ Integrated Literacy program is grounded in current research where children develop language skills by using them in authentic contexts in an environment where students are constantly immersed in language and print. Our program uses a student-centered, integrated instructional approach to ensure that learners become thinking, investigative users of language.




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