Strategic Plan

  • Relationships, Rigor, Readiness

     2018-2023 Strategic Plan

    On February 7, 2018, the Board of Education adopted AACPS’ new Strategic Plan, which charts the course of the school system through 2023.

    The goal of this strategic plan is to ensure that every student meets or exceeds standards as achievement gaps are eliminated. We will aim to elevate all students while eliminating all gaps. 

    The driving values will guide how we plan to reach this goal and the metrics will track and assess our progress viewed through our chosen indicators throughout our five year strategic plan journey.  School leaders and office supervisors will be provided an online Strategic Plan Toolkit containing resources and information that will support each of them uniquely to strategically select where to place their primary focus as we begin to implement this plan during the Spring semester of 2018. 

    Regular updates on AACPS’ progress with regard to the indicators in the plan will be provided to the Board of Education and posted here.