• AEL Members (Negotiated Master Agreement, Article 12)

     Other stipulations apply that are not noted in this chart. See specific information below and your negotiated agreement.


    General college tuition (includes partnership programs)

    Max 12 credits per reimbursement year/ Up to $250.00 per credit/1 course per semester

    Career Related Doctoral Program

    Max 9 credits per reimbursement year/ Up to $2450.00 per year/1 course per semester


    To receive tuition reimbursement, the employee must submit the following in one complete packet (do not submit items separately - incomplete submissions will be returned):

      • Request for Reimbursement Form
      • Official Transcript    An official transcript is required to process your reimbursement request.  An electronic transcript must come directly from the college to our dedicated email address of hrcot@aacps.org
      • A copy of the college/university account statement is needed to show proof of  how much you were billed for tuition as well as proof of payment.  Statement must include  your name, the college name, the dates, name and/or semester of course work taken, how much you were billed for tuition and it must show the payment as completed. 

    Unit II - Requirements, Limitations and Programs

    • Reimbursed for credits, subject to approval of the Executive Director of Human Resources and/or designee, and the coursework must be applicable to some clearly defined objective, such as a planned program leading to an advanced degree or the enhancement of expertise in the job.  Courses must be completed and tuition reimbursement must be received while the employee is on active service with the Board.
    • Reimbursed for a maximum of twelve (12) semester hours of college credit per reimbursement year (see main webpage for what constitutes a reimbursement year). The rate of payment for courses completed shall be up to $250.00 per semester hour based upon actual tuition fees for general college tuition (includes partnerships).
    • Reimbursed for only one (1) course per semester except by advance approval of the Superintendent. 
    • Must earn a grade of B or better, except that one (1) course with a grade of “C” in an approved program of study may be reimbursed.
    • Member who has resigned prior to the reimbursement will not be eligible for payment.  However, if the member is re-employed within five (5) years, the member becomes eligible for the full amount that would have been received for uninterrupted service. 
    • Special Program: Reimbursement for Approved Career Related Doctoral Program
    • Partnership/Cohort participants – College/University Partnership - Courses that are paid by a partnership arrangement with a college, such as those courses listed in the Staff Development course booklets, may not be submitted for reimbursement. These courses count toward the reimbursement credit maximum per the Unit agreement. Any questions regarding Partnership/Cohort programs contact the Office of College/University Partnerships at 410-721-8380.