• Female intern talking with Business Mentors.

    An internship is an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge they have gained from their academic studies in a practical, workplace setting while exploring career options. Internship experiences should provide exposure to an occupation, industry or career field, have a clear purpose/focus, and a specific project for sstudents to complete. They can be paid or unpaid.  Students in their senior year are eligible to participate in the Internship program.

    Internships benefit students in a variety of ways:

    • Creates opportunities for student to meet and beat challenging expectations
    • Provides a first-hand perspective of a career
    • Provides a way to develop essential workplace skills
    • Promotes continued learning and achievement
    • Increases student confidence
    • Assists in making decisions about educational pathways beyond high school
    • Affords an opportunity to make contacts with professionals in the field
    • Gain academic credit by working with an internship facilitator
    • Strengthens resume


     Important Information:

    • Apply for a Career Internship your junior year of high school and complete necessary forms.
    • During the summer between your junior and senior year of high school, begin looking for your internship.
    • Once an internship site has been established, contact the internship facilitator at your school so the facilitator can formally approve the site.