Opportunity for Mastery

  • In the 2016-2017 school year, AACPS standardized the redo practices in the AACPS Grading Regulation to ensure that all students have similar opportunities to demonstrate their mastery of course content and skills. Below are direct excerpts from the AACPS Grading Regulation as related to the Middle and High School Opportunity for Mastery.

    Students shall have one additional opportunity to improve their scores on each of at least three (3) but no more than five (5) of the total graded qualifying assessments, activities, or assignments which demonstrate knowledge of course content, skills, and standards and count toward a student’s marking period grade. Syllabuses shall state the number of such eligible items for which students have the opportunity for mastery under this provision. Students may not use more than one of their opportunities for mastery on the same qualifying assessment, activity, or assignment.

    Regardless of the initial grade the student received, to qualify for an opportunity for mastery under this provision, the student must:

    1. have completed and submitted the original assessment, activity, or assignment by the due date. Teacher-facilitated reteaching (before, during, or after school) is recommended before a student uses one of his/her opportunities for mastery. However reteaching may not be feasible due to scheduling restraints or extenuating circumstances..
    2. complete and submit the new assessment, activity, or assignment within ten school days of receiving the returned original graded work.

    Students may choose which assessments, activities, and assignments they re-take, in accord with the opportunity for mastery provision of this Regulation, except for the following which are not qualifying assessments, activities, or assignments:

    • Homework
    • Quarterly Assessments
    • Multi-component research projects or multi-component written papers (components of the project or paper that are graded separately may be a qualifying assignment)
    • Assessments, activities, or assignments completed during the last week of the marking period.

    After an opportunity for mastery is graded, the higher grade shall be the grade of record.



  • If you have questions about redo opportunities in your student’s classroom or school, please contact the teacher or principal directly. 

    If you have questions about policy or processes related to redo opportunities in AACPS, please contact:

    Nicole Howard
    Director of Curriculum and Assessments