Employee of the Month

Mrs. Cathy Hubbard



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Cathy Hubbard

The Board of Education recognizes an employee in our school system who is an exceptional instructional assistant working in an extremely challenging environment.  To say this employee has an amazing work ethic that is inspirational to everyone around her is an understatement. 

Cathy Hubbard, paraprofessional in the High School department of the Ruth Parker Eason School, is an incredibly powerful positive force through her detail-oriented nature, her candor, reliability, and her willingness to try new things and venture into uncharted waters. 

When working with her students Cathy is patient, kind, respectful, well organized and engaging. Her understanding of the needs and interests of the young woman at Ruth Eason has resulted in meaningful friendships that are new and life changing.  She incorporates their interests in conversations and provides a non-threatening opportunity to share ideas and practice social situations.  In all her work, Cathy supports increasing every student’s independence.  Mrs. Hubbard has raked leaves, washed windows, cleaned plates, and shredded documents to model and coach students toward independence.  Her skills are put to the test everyday with not only organizing student schedules, data sheets and activities but also a plethora or paperwork the classroom generates. 

Ms. Hubbard embraces training opportunities to increase her daily instructional techniques and understanding of students’ learning and development.  She incorporates what she has learned into reading, math and social groupings that she routinely guides throughout the day.  Because she is open to learning new techniques she is a “go to” source of information for other instructional assistants when they struggle with applying the methods and information. 

Cathy displays a high degree of change readiness.  She adapts her language and her speech to each listener.  She is genuinely and deeply affable, but with the courage to be very frank and honest with her colleagues.  She is persistent, even as tasks get more numerous and more challenging.  She has an ability to deescalate situations quickly and find unique and palatable solutions. 

Not only does Mrs. Hubbard work tirelessly to support her students, she puts the same amount of effort into supporting her school.  She is usually the first to support school fund raisers and has served on many of the school committees at Ruth Eason.    Whenever something is needed she never hesitates to step forward, no matter how daunting the task.  Cathy Hubbard – in your challenging work environment you really give of yourself and as a result, students under your watch become more independent and self-confident.  The Board would like to thank you for all that you do at Ruth Eason and are honored to recognize you as Employee of the Month for June 2019.  Congratulations!


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