Employee of the Month

Mr. Maurine Kostkowski



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Maurine Kostkowski

Career and technology education is a term applied to schools, institutions, and educational programs that specialize in the skilled trades, applied sciences, modern technologies, and career preparation.  For students, career and technology education provides benefits beyond the diploma.  It offers students an opportunity to get a head start on their career, as well as, post-secondary education.  The teachers at our Centers of Applied Technology do amazing things in getting their students ready for the careers in adulthood.

But let’s not forget the behind the scenes players that make our technology centers the success they are – the Central Office staffers who dedicate each work day to the success of the department and to career and technology in Anne Arundel County Public Schools.  And in the midst of it all is our Employee of the Month for April, Administrative Assistant, Maurine Kostkowski.

Maurine arrives each morning with a smile and readiness to take on whatever the day may bring.  Her knowledge of budget and accounting processes keeps the entire department on track.  In addition to regular budget items she also manages numerous grants.  Maurine is tasked with keeping four content areas straight and she accomplishes this task with ease. She works with staff and teachers in the schools, as well as Central Office to keep the program moving forward.  Her record keeping is incredible and she is a great asset to the team.

Maurine is always willing to jump in and help.  She can be approached any time with a question or a need and she willingly does what she can to assist.  Her eagerness to help extends to others outside of the department as well. “Let me!” is a common Maurine statement. 

Maurine’s great smile and sense of humor keeps her department running smoothly.  Her positivity is contagious and her “can do” attitude is admirable.  We’re told that the office is just not the same when she needs to take a day off.  The most amazing part of Maurine is that she is consistently wonderful!  There has never been a day that she has not performed her job with a high degree of professionalism and a great attitude.

Maurine Kostkoski – You have dedicated your professional career to Anne Arundel County Public Schools for 30 years, 13 of which have been here at Central Office.  We understand that you are on to greener pastures, and we wish you all the best in your retirement.  So on behalf of the Board of Education, the students, teachers and staff of Anne Arundel County Public Schools, congratulations on being awarded Employee of the Month for April 2018!