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Mr. Dexter Dunbar



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Dexter Dunbar

Substitute Teachers are considered the unsung hero’s for schools when a teacher is unexpectedly on leave for the day. Their ability to be flexible and go with the flow are often unintentionally overlooked. For Corkran Middle School, having a permanent substitute on staff with great leadership skills and rapport with people of all ages is invaluable.

The Board congratulates Dexter Dunbar. Mr. Dunbar provides meaningful instruction to students in all content level classrooms while their assigned teacher is absent. He excels at reviewing and implementing the assigned teacher’s routines, procedures, lesson plans, and curriculum objectives. Most importantly, because of the positive relationships he has built with Corkran students and staff, he is able to effortlessly establish and maintain a safe and orderly classroom environment.

What sets him apart from his colleagues is his extraordinary ability to connect with the many types of diverse student groups he teaches. He is articulate, both in writing as well as speaking, and is an effective communicator. He has high energy, is always on the move, and works as an essential team member at Corkran Middle School.  Dexter is also the personification of calmness in tough situations; changing classrooms while flawlessly and tactfully dealing with teacher and student concerns. He accomplishes all tasks with great initiative and a positive attitude.

Because of Dexter’s hard work and ambition, he is now a full-time Special Education teacher at Corkran Middle School. He has proven that dedication and the desire to make a difference for Corkran Middle School students has positive outcomes.     

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