Employee of the Month

Mrs. Jessica Roos



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jessica Roos

If there was such a thing as an AACPS Employee Fan Club, our Employee of the Month for February would be at the top of the charts!  She is the type of person who learns about a problem and immediately begins working on a solution. 

Jessica Roos, Student Information Support Specialist in the Instructional Data Division, lives to help people!  She consistently delivers high-quality innovations to solve some of the mundane issues staff members experience with the PowerSchool program.  From scheduling courses for summer school students to fielding questions from school leaders, Jessica does it all with a smile.  She also creates templates and easy-to-follow instructions to reduce stress and workload in our schools. 

Jessica is one of ten employees that work in the Student Data Office.  She and her team work flawlessly together to provide elite support for our schools and district leaders. Time after time the division hears from staff members in schools about how Jessica has made their job so much easier.  One middle school staffer said that with Jessica’s assistance she learned to feel confident in her job and she had a great year because of it. Jessica is the type of person one can comfortably go to for help without feeling burdensome.  She will happily take the same question multiple times without hesitation.  She knows the system inside and out and has crafted over 40 customized documents to benefit our schools. 

Jessica is a real problem solver.  She realized that there wasn’t a consistent way for middle schoolers to request their courses for the following year.  So, she created a document that all middle schools could use.  There is now a document for each middle school grade level that helped all schedulers and made their jobs much easier to handle.  She says, “No big deal.”  Her boss says, “Believe me, it was a very big deal!” 

When Jessica is working on a concern or question from a school her first question is “what is best for our students and schools?”  This question is always the guiding light with how she operates.  She led training sessions for employees who process grades, and her sessions were so organized and thorough that all schools successfully monitor, and report student progresses on time and flawlessly.  Jessica Roos – you have the ability to work with people and make them want to be successful in whatever task on which they are working.  This is special, and you are special!  So, on behalf of the Board of Education, the students, teachers and staff of Anne Arundel County public schools the Board is honored to recognize you as Employee of the Month for February 2019.  Congratulations!