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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Louis Queen

One of the standout qualities of our May 2024, Employee of the Month, is excellent communication. But the second standout quality is teamwork skills. This employee collaborates seamlessly with other staff members to address their concerns promptly and effectively. He plays a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community within the school, making his contributions extend beyond the physical aspects of the job.

Who is this remarkable employee, you ask? Mister Louis Queen, Chief Custodian at Four Seasons Elementary School.

Mr. Queen has been an AACPS Employee for over 50 years. He knows each student’s name and most likely their entire family if they previously attended Four Seasons Elementary. He was hired at Waugh Chapel Elementary in 1970, rehired at Odenton Elementary in 1972, transferred to Ridgeway Elementary in 1973, and finally transferred to Four Seasons Elementary in 1974.

Louis displays exceptional dedication and diligence in his role of Chief Custodian. He not only fulfills the standard duties of maintenance and cleaning but also takes the initiative to identify areas that require special attention and address them proactively. His attention to detail is evident in the immaculate condition of the premises under his care. He takes great pride in how the building and the grounds look on a daily basis. The floors are so shiny you can see your reflection!

Moreover, Mr. Queen exhibits a sense of ownership and pride in his work. His willingness to take on additional responsibilities, such as assisting with event setups, showcase his commitment to creating a positive and inviting atmosphere for everyone. He comes in early, works on the weekend - all for his LOVE of the school and its community.

Louis Queen, you are a role model for all other custodial staff members. Your high expectations are shown in your professionalism each and every day. You are truly one of AACPS’ most dedicated employees – we could all learn a thing or two from just hearing your story.

The words, “Thank you” just aren’t enough and so today, the Board of Education awards you as the Employee of the Month for May 2024.

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