Educator of the Month

  • Educator of the Month

    Our May 2023, Educator of the Month is well known for his 30 plus, years of service to Anne Arundel County Public Schools. He is responsible for training, monitoring, and overseeing the secretaries and teachers on attendance and senior audits, among many other duties.

    Ed Copeland, Counselor in the Student Data Office

    He has developed numerous data reports and queries to support requests from staff members. He has created over 50 reports in PowerSchool, that allow schools more easily to keep track of grades, gradebooks, student schedules, and graduation requirements. His tireless efforts are done all with grace and humility. Everyone uses these reports, but few realize the energy and effort taken behind the scenes to make it all possible. He is simply a magician at finding ways to support others.

    Mr. Copeland was a school counselor and in 1998 he was asked to join the data team for a one-year trial. He has seen many changes in his 25 years in Student Data; the system has moved from gradebooks in spiral notebooks, where teachers calculated grades themselves and put them on report cards with carbon copies, to a completely digitized grading system.

    Ed has been instrumental in this transition and with many other things that have become more technical. He has written literally hundreds of queries that allow schools to function every day. Without these customized reports, schools would not be able to do their jobs effectively or efficiently.  

    Anne Arundel County Public Schools has been blessed with his skills and institutional knowledge. After 30 plus years of devoted services, Mr. Copeland will retire in June. He will be missed for his many contributions, but more importantly, he will be missed because of his selfless acts of service that he has poured out to the students, staff, and community of Anne Arundel County. His efforts, work, and legacy will live on forever.

    Mr. Copeland, today the  Board of Education is honored to recognize you as the Educator of the Month for May 2023. Congratulations and enjoy your well deserved retirement.


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