Educator of the Month

  • Educator of the Month

    Our November 2022, Educator of the Month is a trusted leader that always provides reasonable solutions and is a problem solver in group discussions.

    Lydia Teal always manages to keep learning fun for her students and takes extra steps to include current events into her lessons. She gives “brain breaks” and has established a classroom that engages her students. Ms. Teal is a member of several committees within the school and is an important member in helping to establish Drama Club.

    She took the lead in creating a team of other teachers to help cast and run through teaching students their lines for a school play. She is also a talented dancer and has taken aspect of her personal experience to help create engaging school plays. The drama club has been a success the last three years and Ms. Teal continues to take the lead on selecting the plays and executing it until performance night!

    Ms. Teal carries herself with professional demeanor in her classroom and school building. She is looked upon as a leader in both academic and professional expectations. Ms. Teals classroom is what can be described as “ a well-oiled machine”. She has high expectations for her students yet takes the time to teach them what they need to reach those expectations.

    From a Central Elementary school parent, Ms. Teal “provides a controlled and positive atmosphere for the students. She facilitates the classroom with an encouraging attitude and promotes positive changes in the growth of her students. She establishes norms and routines within her classroom. Her response to the children is always professional and kind-hearted. She never loses patience with the students and acknowledges the students with individuality. She makes sure everyone has time to share their ideas in a space that feels respectful and safe.” 

    Lydia Teal, thank you for everything that you do for our students’ day in and day out. The Board of Education recognizes you as the Educator of the Month for November 2022.

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