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Ms. Carla DeWitt



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Ms. Carla DeWitt

As we have seen over the last few weeks, the effective use of technology to communicate information is vital to the health and well-being of our communities. AACPS is fortunate in that we have a great many tech savvy volunteers who are committed to using that talent to effectively communicate with, and advocate for, the families in their schools.

Today we are here to celebrate the dedication of one such volunteer. Ms. Carla DeWitt, the Board of Education is thrilled to honor you as our April 2020 Volunteer of the Month.

Ms. Dewitt handles both Communications and Advocacy for the PTSO at South River High School. Anyone who has been involved with either know they are an equally heavy lift. Fortunately for South River, Ms. DeWitt is able to utilize her skills to manage both with ease.

Ms. DeWitt is dedicated to the student safety and is a frequent advocate for safety measures. Last year she successfully advocated for adding air conditioning in the school gym and fixing up sidewalks along Mayo Road. And according to PTSO President Lisa O’Hagan, Ms. DeWitt is currently working with the state on a redesigned intersection project to add additional sidewalks to the front of the school. School Volunteer Kelly Purnell expressed her admiration for Ms. DeWitt’s skills in this arena by saying “her strength is her knowledge of policy, procedure and anything technical related. She uses her understanding of these thing to inform our community make a positive impact.”

That knack for technology is not limited to Ms. DeWitt’s advocacy efforts. According to Principal William Myers, “she is a technical guru who maintains the PTSO Website and other social media sources.” Each Sunday at 7 pm, Ms. DeWitt sends out the weekly “Tracker” to all PTSO members. The “Tracker” includes a schedule of upcoming school events as well as a recap of important information from the week before. PTSO Secretary, Syndy Shilling-Kucner highlighted the importance of this work by sharing “Ms. DeWitt single-handedly manages all the social media accounts as well as the weekly school email newsletter, keeping the South River community informed of what is happening each week. This enables our community to stay connected in ways that would otherwise not occur.

Principal William Myers put it best when he stated, “Dependable, dedicated and always pleasant, Ms. DeWitt is the epitome of volunteerism and certainly deserves the tile of Volunteer of the Month.”

Ms. DeWitt, you are a great asset to South River High School and the entire Anne Arundel County Public Schools community, and we thank you for your years of service as a volunteer and for your dedication.

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