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Ms. Katie Wilburn

L.R. Knost told us that “Every day, in 100 small ways, our children ask, ‘Do you hear me? Do you see me? Do I matter?’” This month’s Volunteer of the Month answers yes to all of these questions for the students at Linthicum Elementary. She hears them, she sees them, and she lets them know they matter. Mrs. Katie Wilburn, the Board of Education is thrilled to honor you as our May 2023 Volunteer of the Month!

Mrs. Wilburn's love for reading and books led her to volunteer at the Linthicum Elementary Scholastic Book Fair last school year. During her time volunteering, Katie was disheartened by the number of students who were unable to financially participate in the fair. She saw some students cry tears of sadness as their classmates shopped for and purchased books when they could not. Katie also witnessed several teachers spend their own hard-earned money to pay for students in their classes to purchase a book so they would not be left out.

This school year, Ms. Wilburn enthusiastically stepped up to chair the Scholastic Book Fair. She worked closely with the Media Specialist to coordinate, plan, and execute the event. Katie not only sought out volunteers to help support the Book Fair, she also took off of work every day to help students shop. She also encouraged teachers to create book lists so that families could purchase books to support their classroom libraries.

Most importantly, Katie wanted to be sure she could answer those students’ questions: I hear you. I see you. You matter. She created a fund called “Terrific Tigers” to ensure all students at Linthicum Elementary were able to purchase a book during the Book Fair. Katie advertised the fund to the local community and raised over $900. Working with teachers to confidentially identify students, the Terrific Tigers fund supported approximately 50 students, as well ensuring every teacher received at least one book from their Wish List.

Media Specialist Michelle MaWhinney shared her appreciation with us, explaining how Ms. Wilburn was there every step of the way. This included being present at the Book Fair from open to close all 7 days, as well as staying late for a family night event. As previously noted, she took on many responsibilities, from lining-up volunteers and restocking merchandise, to training volunteers on the cash register. Most importantly, she worked with hundreds of students to find just the right book. She did this all with a smile on her face! Her kindness to the students of Linthicum Elementary is an example to us all.

Mrs. Katie Wilburn, thank you for seeing and hearing our students, and letting them know they matter. Linthicum Elementary School and the entire Anne Arundel County Public Schools community are blessed to have such a dedicated volunteer and we thank you for your service.

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