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Ms. Danielle Moran



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Ms. Danielle Moran

leader is someone who has a vision and can communicate that vision in such a way that others will follow.  A volunteer is someone who contributes time, effort and talent to meet a need. Combine the two and you have… magic

We are here to celebrate the dedication of a magical volunteer.  Ms. Danielle Moran, the Board of Education is thrilled to honor you as our April 2019 Volunteer of the Month. 

Ms. Moran wears a great many hats at Southern High School.  She serves as PTSO President, created a PTSO Facebook page, created the Communication Committee, organizes faculty and staff luncheons, tidies up the concession stand to prepare for game days, and even co-chairs the Sports Booster Club. This is particularly remarkable, as she currently does not have a child playing a sport at the school! 

One of the most notable contributions Ms. Moran has made to the school is through her work as chair of the Prom Breakfast committee.  According to Assistant Principal Audra Whayland, “Ms. Moran led a team of volunteers that transformed [the] school into a beach for a very successful Prom Breakfast.  This was a yearlong endeavor, that included countless hours of planning and preparation.  Students had a large variety of food options to choose from, and nearly everyone left with some sort of prize.” Principal Feuerherd went on to explain, “Ms. Moran organized all of this – reaching out to vendors, setting up, supervising the event, and cleaning up after the event.  Students were amazed when they walked in the door, and they stayed until the very end.  Words cannot express how much the Southern High School community benefits from this event!” 

Ms. Moran takes her role as PTSO President very seriously.  According to PTSO member Keonte Smith, Ms. Moran “makes a point to promote teamwork among the parents, teachers and students at Southern High.”  One example of this was noted by PTSO Vice President Valerie Bell who said, “Danielle recognized that our PTSO included our students, so she ensured that each class had a student representative and had them bring class reports to each PTSO meeting, reminding our students that they are valued.” 

Keonte Smith summed up Ms. Moran’s impact by saying, “Danielle’s uncanny ability to solve essentially every problem presented to her is a large part of the reason why the school’s events are both successful and memorable…. She is volunteering personified.” 

Ms. Moran, you are a great asset to Southern High School and the entire Anne Arundel County Public Schools community, and we are truly grateful for your years of service as a volunteer and for your willingness to share your magic


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