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Mr. Tony Murray

All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge; the fun is in making the connection. This month’s Volunteer of the Month provides real-world connections for hundreds of our students. Mr. Tony Murray, the Board of Education is thrilled to honor you as our November 2022 Volunteer of the Month!

For the past three years, Mr. Murray, Continuous Improvement Project Manager at C-Care in Linthicum Heights, spends hours of his time organizing a STEM experience for the 7th grade STEM students at Central Middle School. Kristy Fidyk, STEM Department Chair, shared how he “supports Central Middle School goals and STEM values by helping our students become curious learners, fostering Systems Thinking skills, and providing students a chance to become Changemakers. It is through these qualities that he provides a real-world connection for our students.”

Mr. Murray creates a custom C-Care facility tour for students to get a behind the scenes look at how the company manufactures personal care products and prepares them for global shipment. He brings together chemical engineers, quality control specialists, and mechanical engineers to speak to the students on how their jobs connect with STEM skills.

Beyond the tour and guest speakers, Mr. Murray encourages students to be Changemakers for future industry. He spends time explaining how computer programs and automation work the machines at C-Care, but more importantly, imparts the significance of the human touch on making a business great.

The end of the tour is just the beginning, as Mr. Murray challenges students to an engineering task, offering feedback to students and reviewing and evaluating their product pitches.

Christian Thomas, Principal, emphasized that “through his volunteering, Mr. Murray has helped students connect learning with the real world and has provided an avenue for students to gain the skills that they need for college and career readiness, especially in the STEM field of engineering.” Mr. Murray’s willingness to bring science and engineering to life for students promotes active engagement of learning and connects their school-based knowledge with workplace knowledge.

Mr. Murray, Central Middle School and the entire Anne Arundel County Public Schools community is blessed to have such a dedicated volunteer and we thank you for your service.

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