Volunteer of the Month

Mr. Richard Watts



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Mr. Richard Watts

We live in a fast-paced world where people are so busy with their own lives it is difficult to find time to help others. Luckily, there are still those who find that time and who dedicate their lives to giving. At AACPS, these are the people that ensure that progress is made, and goals are met, and these great people have a name - Volunteers. 

We are here to celebrate the dedication of one such volunteer.  Mr. Richard Watts, the Board of Education is thrilled to honor you as our February 2019 Volunteer of the Month. 

To give you a sense of the dedication and loyalty Mr. Watts has for Pasadena Elementary, we can begin with a simple fact – Mr. Watts began volunteering when his grandson was in kindergarten and that same grandson graduated from High School two years ago. 

From copying and laminating, to attending Drownproofing and Biztown field trips -- Mr. Watt’s is ready and willing to help however and wherever needed.  ALPS Resource teacher, Debra Biggs commented “He comes to Pasadena Elementary School twice a week and is willing to stay until the work is complete.”  Principal Jennifer Quirino said “Mr. Watts’ sense of belonging and support is unparalleled.  He often plans vacations around school activities, and ensures volunteer needs are satisfied in advance of his personal plans.”  His commitment to the school extends to support for the teachers as well.  3rd grade teacher, Dottie Poniatowski explains “he even works as a shuttle driver, taking teachers back and forth from their cars to school on those special event days when teachers are asked to park farther away.” 

As is often the case with exception volunteers, Mr. Watts’ is not only beloved for his dedication but also for his warmth.  5th grade teacher Dana DiGiorgio sums it up by saying “His visits include a warm greeting, well wishes for a great day, and verification that he has completed any tasks necessary.  He always shares, ‘It is a wonderful day,’ and he is a ray of sunshine even on the cloudiest of days.”  Debra Biggs also commented on his warmth.  “When he enters the building, it is like he has brought a ray of sunshine with him.”  The students must agree with this assessment because when asked to submit names for community heroes who make a difference at Pasadena Elementary, they voted for none other than Mr. Watts!  Not only was he recognized with the honor, he is also the namesake of the award which has become an annual tradition. 

Mr. Watts, you are an asset to both Pasadena Elementary and the Anne Arundel County Public Schools community and we are truly grateful for your years of service as a volunteer.  Because of volunteers like you “We Are Better Together.”