•   EVALUATE  EVALUATE each investment provider to determine how the options they offer fit into your overall investment strategy.

    To reach a provider representative to schedule a one-on-one appointment, click here for a provider directory
    Visit the investment provider’s website for an overview of their services.

    Lincoln Financial — www.lfg.com
    VALIC — www.valic.com
    VOYA   – www.voya.com

    Review the list of funds that are available through each investment provider.
    Review the investment provider comparison chart.

    AACPS offers a listing of all funds included in the Supplemental Retirement Program that shows the funds’ performance over time and its ranking relative to other funds in the same asset class and other rankings.

    Comparative Fund Performance


            1st Quarter 2017


    4th Quarter 2016

    3rd Quarter 2016

    2nd Quarter 2016

    1st Quarter 2016


    4th Quarter 2015
    3rd Quarter 2015

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