Nonpublic and Interagency Placements



    The Nonpublic and Interagency Placement Office is responsible for securing and supervising the special education programs of students with disabilities whose needs exceed the public school continuum. The purpose of Central IEP is to support the special education needs of students who are most at risk of school failure by matching students with programs to address their needs.

    For those students who require a more restrictive setting to meet their educational needs, AACPS nonpublic office staff work closely with MSDE approved nonpublic special education programs to ensure legal compliance with the special education process and all federal mandated timelines. AACPS nonpublic office staff provide direct support and communication concerning academic progress and performance, and participate in decision making with regard to discipline, transition and return to less restrictive educational settings.

    AACPS nonpublic office staff work closely with other child serving agencies to develop comprehensive plans of care to support children with special education when wrap-around services are needed, or an out-of-home placement is required. The AACPS nonpublic staff acts as gatekeeper for referrals to Interagency Family Preservation Services, is a member of CRICT (Community Resource Initiative Care Team), is the AACPS representative at Voluntary Placements Assistance meetings and serves as AACPS representative on the AA County Commission on Disability Issues.