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    AACPS prekindergarten programs offer a high-quality educational experience to eligible children in order to prepare them with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for school success in Kindergarten and beyond.The overall goal of prekindergarten is to provide learning experiences to help children develop and maintain the skills, knowledge, and behaviors necessary to be successful in school. 

    Prekindergarten is strictly for children who turn four on or before September 1. Public prekindergarten may not be used as an alternative to kindergarten. Students on a kindergarten wavier may not attend public prekindergarten. All four year olds are eligible to apply for the program. However, enrollment is limited because of funding. Some schools may have waiting lists.

    A half-day or full-day prekindergarten program for four year olds is offered in some elementary schools.  A non-mandated program funded by the state, prekindergarten opportunities are based on economic need of the student and other Maryland State Department of Education criteria.