Middle School

  • FACS Course offerings:

    • Healthy Life - 6th Grade FACS
    • Get The FACS - 7th Grade FACS
    • Healthy Living - 8th Grade FACS 
    • Money 8
    • Project Runway 6
    • Project Runway 7
    • Project Runway 8


High School

  • FACS Course offerings:

    • Business of Fashion A
    • Business of Fashion B
    • Child Development 1
    • Child Development 2
    • Child Development 3 (Honors)
    • Creative Fashion Technology A/B
    • Culinary and Hospitality Management 1 (Honors)
    • Culinary and Hospitality Management 2 (Honors)
    • Decisions for Responsible Parenting
    • Fashion Design 1
    • Fashion Design 2
    • Introduction to the Teaching Profession
    • Nutrition A (Honors)
    • Nutrition B (Honors)
    • Nutrition Science
    • Your Finances

    Early Childhood Completer Program - This completer program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in the field of early childhood. Focusing on skills of childcare providers and early childhood teachers, the program is designed to provide performance-based training and assessment for career and college readiness. Students have the opportunity to earn industry standard certification and articulated credit with Anne Arundel Community College is a benefit of this program. A senior year Work-based Learning or internship is required.

    Required Courses - Child Development 1, 2, 3 and Introduction to the Teaching Profession.  Internship required.

    Food & Beverage Management Completer - ProStart Program - ProStart is focuses on fundamental culinary and hospitality management skills that are needed for success in the restaurant industry. ProStart students practice their knowledge and skills in qualified food service operations. In a work experience environment students receive mentor support from community professionals and develop the character and real-world skills that give them a head start in the restaurant industry. Many post-secondary hospitality programs accept ProStart courses for college credit. Whether considering an entry level position immediately after high school or planning for college, a ProStart graduate makes a solid candidate for success.

    Required Courses -Culinary 1 (Nutrition A pre-requisite) and Culinary 2.  Internship required.