Substitute/Temporary Positions

  • Where can I apply for a Substitute Teacher/Teacher Assistant position with AACPS?

    To apply for a Substitute Teacher/Teacher Assistant position click the following link:  

    When can I apply for a Substitute Teacher/Teacher Assistant position with AACPS?

    The Substitute Teacher/Teacher Assistant application is currently open throughout the school year.   

    What are the qualifications to be a substitute teacher?

    Substitute Teacher applicants are selected for hire based on the following criteria:

    • Minimum of 48 college credits
    • Background Check (conducted after offer is made and performed by an agency designated by AACPS)
    • Minimum of one professional reference from a recent supervisor or volunteer supervisor. References from friends and family members will not be accepted.

    What is the pay for substitute teachers?

    Daily Assignment Pay Rates:

    Associates or Non-Degree =$110 full-day/$55  half-day
    Bachelor’s Degree or Higher=$125 full-day/$62.50 half-day

    For a Teacher Assistant:
    All levels of education = $100 full-day/$50 half-day

    Long-term Assignment & Extended Assignment Pay Rates:

    For a Teacher:
    $155 full-day/$77.50 half-day

    For a Teacher Assistant:

    $110 full-day/$55  half-day

    *Long Term assignment temp substitute works for one teacher/position for at least 11 consecutive days.

    Will an unofficial transcript be accepted in lieu of an official?

    No. We require an official transcript from your college/university before your application will move forward.

    Will a paper copy or an email submission of my official transcript be accepted?

    Yes, both are accepted. Official transcripts must be sent to AACPS Division of Human Resources, directly from the educational institution(s) via postal mail or electronic submission. If the documents were sent directly to you, you may hand deliver them or mail them to us in the original sealed envelope. 

    What if I am having trouble uploading a resume or other attachments?

    Scan services are available at most public libraries and office supply stores. Applicants are responsible for completion of the application. 


    How do I know if my application is complete?

    • You have completed and submitted an online application. 
    • You have uploaded a professional resume.
    • At least one acceptable reference has been received from the contacts listed in your application.
    • We have received an official college transcript showing a minimum of 48 college credits.

    You may log into your profile in our applicant tracking system to see if your reference(s) has been returned. If it has not, please follow up with the person(s) whom you wish to provide the reference. You can also add additional names.

    Your application will not be reviewed until all the above criteria have been met.

    My application is submitted and is now complete. When will I hear from AACPS?

    We make every effort to frequently check applications for completeness and qualifications. If your application is selected, you will receive an email within 1-3 business days with the date and details for your scheduled new hire processing date.

    What if I am already employed with AACPS in another capacity?

    You must still apply and provide an official transcript if you have never submitted one to Human Resources.

    What if my application is not selected?

    If your application is not selected, most likely it is because you did not meet one or more of the requirements. The status of your application will be changed to “Application Considered” and an email with more details will be sent.

    What happens if I am selected as a sub?

    If your application is selected, you will receive an email with a scheduled appointment date for new employee processing, attached employment forms, and instructions for the fingerprinting and background processes.

    Do I have to be fingerprinted and/or clear the background check even if I have been fingerprinted and cleared by another agency?

    Yes. All new employees must be fingerprinted by the approved AACPS agency and must clear the Maryland State law SB541/HB486 background investigations. The fee for fingerprinting is $63.

    When will I be able to begin substituting?

    You’ll receive an “New Employee” email within five to seven business days following completion of all required employment and background requirements have been completed. Time frame could be longer during peak hiring seasons.

    How often will I have to work to remain active as a Substitute teacher?

    You are expected to accept jobs regularly in order to continue as a Substitute Teacher.

    Am I eligible for benefits or paid leave as a substitute teacher?

    Substitute teachers are temporary employees and not eligible for benefits.

    As temporary employees, Substitute teachers are eligible to earn accrued leave. For details, visit: