Substitute/Temporary Positions

  • Where can I apply for a Substitute Teacher/Teacher Assistant position with AACPS?

    To apply for a Substitute Teacher/Teacher Assistant position please visit the following page:  or click the following link Temporary Substitute Teacher/Teacher Assistant


    What are the qualifications to be a substitute teacher?

    Candidates are selected for hire based on the following criteria:

    Education (level of highest education determines pay rate)
    Communication skills
    Minimum of one favorable professional reference, preferably from the current or most recent supervisor. References from friends, co-workers, or other personal references are not acceptable.
    Minimum of 48 college credits or higher
    Background Check (conducted by an agency designated by AACPS)

    Can I upload a copy of an unofficial transcript?

    Yes.  However, you must have an official transcript sent to us directly from your college or university before your application will move forward.


    Will the Substitute Office accept a paper copy or email submission of my official transcript?

    Yes, we accept both. Official transcripts should be sent to us directly from the educational institutions by mail or by electronic submission.  If the documents were sent directly to you, you may hand deliver them or mail them to us in the original sealed envelope. 


    What if I am having trouble uploading attachments or I don’t have a scanner?

    Scanners are available at most public libraries or office supply stores. Applicants are responsible for completion of the application requirements. 


    How do I know if my application is complete?

    Your application is complete when:

    You have completed and submitted an online application.
    We have received a copy of an official college transcript showing a minimum of 48 college credits.
    One acceptable professional reference from a recent supervisor has been received. You can log into your HR Navigator application to see if your reference(s) has been returned. You can also “Resend” the reference link, or modify your reference(s) if necessary.
    *Your application will remain as “Under Review “ until all of the above criteria have been met. Submitting an online application does not mean it is complete.


    My application is submitted and is now complete. When will I hear from AACPS?

    We make every effort to frequently check applications for completeness and qualifications.


    What if my application is not selected?

    If your application is not selected, most likely it is because you did not meet the requirements.


    What if I am already employed with AACPS in another capacity?

    You must still apply to the Substitute position and provide an official transcript (if you have never submitted one) and one professional reference.


    How many subs are selected?

    Subs are hired and processed monthly.


    What happens if I am selected as a sub?

    When your application is accepted, you will receive an email with a scheduled date for orientation and processing. The email also includes attachments which provide the acceptable documents and the details for scheduling an appointment to obtain your background check. Orientations are approximately 3 to 3.5 hours in length. You are expected to remain for the entire session.


    Do I have to be fingerprinted even if I have been fingerprinted by another agency?

    Yes, all new employees must be fingerprinted. The fee for fingerprinting is currently $56.57 however,  this price will change to $58.00 effective May 1, 2018.


    When will I be able to begin substituting?

    Newly hired substitute teachers will be able to search for and accept jobs approximately 7-10 days after being hired. *This time frame could be longer during our peak hiring season for other positions.


    How often will I have to substitute to remain active?

    You are expected to accept jobs regularly in order to continue as a substitute teacher. We require 20 days per school year (10 days per semester).


    What is the pay for substitute teachers?

    Teacher Subs

    Daily Rate

    Non-degree (minimum 48 credits) - $70.00 full-day /$35.00 half-day
    Degree (Bachelor’s or higher) - $90.00 full-day/$45 half-day

    Long Term Rate (Consecutive days for the same teacher starting on day 11 and beyond)

    $120.00 (Bachelor’s degree or higher required)

    Teacher Assistant Substitutes (all educational levels)

    Daily - $60.15 full-day/$30.08 half-day
    Long Term Rate - $75.00 full-day/ $32.50 half-day

    Am I eligible for benefits or paid leave as a substitute teacher?

    No. Substitute teachers are temporary employees and thus not eligible for benefits or paid leave.