Registering for Courses or Sessions

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    To use ERO: Your user ID = Network ID (e.g., amdelaney), enter your ERO pin number.  Our organization ID is 29481. 


    Withdrawing/Dropping a Course or Session

    If you have a change of plans and find that you are unable to participate in a summer, evening, or Saturday MSDE credit-bearing workshop or an AACC sponsored workshop that occurs outside of regular work hours, you are required to use the ERO system to withdraw at least ten (10) days prior to the start date. This will allow a registrant from the waiting list to participate in the workshop. You will be charged a processing fee of $25.00 for failure to adhere to this requirement. This is applicable to all summer, evening, or Saturday MSDE credit-bearing workshops and AACC sponsored workshops, for which a fee is attached or is not attached. This is applicable to APC credit-bearing workshops for which a fee is attached.

    Please note that unless there is an outside or grant sponsor, MSDE and APC credit-bearing workshops are offered on a cost recovery basis. Participant fees provide instructor stipends.

    New Users and Non-AACPS Personnel

    NEW HIRES TO AACPS will obtain access to ERO approximately two weeks after the first day they report to their school/work location. To create your ERO PIN, new users to ERO should:

    1.   Click on DON'T HAVE A PIN? under the login area.

    2.   Enter your ID (your Network ID, e.g., amdelaney)

    3.   Create your PIN (numbers only) as prompted, click submit.

              NOTE: If ERO does NOT "take" your information, then your ERO profile has not been created yet. Please be patient and try again after a few days.

    Our organization ID is 29481.

    Non-AACPS and non-permanent employees can use 1-2-3-4 as their User ID and PIN to view ERO course information.  Note: You will not be able to register for courses on ERO.  Follow the guidelines on the following link to register for courses.


    If you Forgot your ERO log-in Information:

    Please email the Division of Professional Growth and Development or call (410) 721-8300 and we will provide it to you.

    QUESTIONS: Email or call (410) 721-8300.