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    We will have an Elementary Science Fair experience in Spring, 2023.  Participation in the fair is optional. 

    Any student wishing to participate should speak with his/her/their teacher about getting started.


Innovator's Science and Engineering Challenge

  • The Innovators Research Challenge, formerly known as the Science Fair, serves as a place for students in grades 3, 4 and 5 to share their experiments, discoveries, and inventions with peers, judges, and members of the community.






Student Registration Process

Important Guidelines

  • Attention Parents, Teachers, and Students

    AACPS Science and Engineering Expo and the AACPS Innovator's of Science and Engineering Challenge (ISEC) are in full compliance with the Student Handbook and AACPS policies. Before you begin planning your projects check with your science teacher to make sure you are using approved chemicals and equipment.  The following are examples of unapproved items. Using these items will result in exclusion from AACPS ISEC Activities:

    • Alcohol or tobacco products
    • Bacteria or mold
    • Fire
    • Household bleach, dry ice, liquid nitrogen or other harmful chemicals
    • Human tissue (including blood)
    • Medicine (over-the-counter and prescription)
    • Science lab chemicals (only elementary approved chemicals may be used)
    • Weapons including paint guns, bow and arrow
  • Innovators Olympics Logo


    We will have an Elementary Innovator's Olympics experience in Spring, 2023 (same date, time, and location as the Fair).  Participation in the Olympics is optional. 

    Any student wishing to participate should speak with his/her/their teacher.


Innovator's Olympics

  • The Innovators Olympics is a competition for students who have shown outstanding interest and ability in the fields of science and engineering.  Five Olympics stations, each focusing on a domain of science and engineering, are completed by teams of two fifth grade competitors from each school. These challenges require teamwork, innovation, creativity, and knowledge. Judges will award points in each challenge for student performance. High-scoring teams in each challenge will receive awards, as will overall winning teams who accumulate the most points in all five challenges.  



Expo Important Dates

  • Date of the Fair and Olympics: May 7, 2022

    Date of Awards Ceremony: May 17, 2022




  • For further information, please contact:

    Vikki Romanoski, Coordinator of Science
    410 222-5451


    Brian Lecompte, Elementary Science Resource Teacher
    410 222-5451