Co-Curricular Clubs

  • We know when we support students to learn at their potential, we must reach both their heads and their hearts.  Co-curricular clubs and activities are often what allow our students opportunities to play, explore, and engage in topics that ignite their interests and passions. Signature Programs at each of our twelve comprehensive high schools offer these afterschool clubs and activities related to their individual signature themes. These clubs and activities are open to all interested students in each high school.

    Some examples of co-curricular clubs and activities that are offered to our high school students include, but are not limited to:

    • Anti-Drugs Community Events
    • Community Service Club
    • Cyber Patriot Club
    • Environment Club
    • Gardening Club
    • High School Involvement Partnership (HIP) opportunities and engineering clubs (sponsored by Northrop Grumman)
    • MESA Club
    • Robotics Club
    • Stock Market Game Club


  • Signature-related internships provide students authentic experiences in workplaces across the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan region. These internships enable students to test their knowledge and skills learned in high school in the real world.  AACPS operates an internal internship web-based portal to allow students to search, apply, and acquire vetted internship opportunities for which they can earn high school credit. 

    Some examples of internship locations offered to our high school Signature Program students include, but are not limited to:

    • Anne Arundel County Government
    • Anne Arundel Medical Center
    • Annapolis Maritime Museum
    • Arlington Echo/Woodlands Camp     
    • Chesapeake Arts Center
    • Department of Natural Resources     
    • FBI
    • Goshen Farm Preservation Society    
    • London Town
    • Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts
    • Maryland Science Center
    • NASA
    • NIH               
    • Smithsonian Environmental Research Center 

    Please direct all questions you may have about Signature Program-related clubs and internships to your Signature Site Coordinator (SSC) at your high school. School specific information can be found by clicking to the school's Signature link on our main page.