What is AP?

  • AP College Board Advanced Placement Program   Do you have a passion for history?  Or art?  Or literature?  How about science?  Or world languages?

    AACPS offers AP (Advanced Placement) courses in all 13 comprehensive high schools and Chesapeake Science Point Public Charter School. AP allows high school students to experience college-level instruction, and possibly receive college credit by sitting for one or more AP exams in May. If you've never explored AP, talk to your counselor, administrator, and teachers. They can help you decide on the AP course (or courses) that fits you!

    AP is challenging - it's hard work - but it's worth it. See what AP has in store for you, and be prepared to amaze yourself!



College Board and SAT/ACT

  • College Board

    Trying to find the AP course that’s right for you? The College Board provides a wealth of information including this complete list of AP Courses. Select a link to a course to find out more.

    You can also create a College Board Student Account – your one stop for information about PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, AP, and more!



    Support for SAT and ACT

    Want to take a free, full-length practice SAT? You can find it here.

    No time for the full practice test? Here are some free sample questions.

    eKnowledge offers "PowerPrep" for the SAT and ACT! These programs involve a small cost for their DVD delivery or cloud access, but the potential benefits are huge. Find out more about what they offer for AACPS students.

    The ACT is an alternative to the SAT, and it's accepted by every 4-year college and university in the U.S.  How is it different from the SAT?  Is it right for you?  Learn more about the ACT and see sample test questions.