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    Apprenticeship: Earn while you Learn 

    AACPS students have the opportunity to do just that by participating in a high school apprenticeship. The apprenticeship program integrates high school curriculum, career and technology training, and essential on-the-job experience at local businesses. Students can earn a paycheck through part-time work while obtaining an industry-recognized certification. Anne Arundel County's business and industry require skilled workers, and high school apprenticeships are instrumental in constructing a robust talent pipeline for the future.

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    While traditional trades like construction, electrical work, and plumbing are often viewed as ideal apprenticeship occupations, AACPS has expanded this perception to encompass nontraditional industry sectors including:
  • Student apprentices

  • Parents and Students

    Get the experience you need for your future career. High School Apprenticeship enables students the ability to:  

      • Earn a paycheck while they learn.
      • Get on-the-job training.
      • Enhance their employability by obtaining critical sought-after work skills.
      • Get ahead of the competition for in-demand jobs.
      • Connect with future employers.
      • Receive career counseling to put you on your best pathway forward.
      • And more!

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  • Businesses

    What skills will your workforce need over the next few years? 
    How will you replace retiring employees in the next several years? High school apprenticeship could provide the answer.
    Developing an Apprenticeship program will give you the opportunity to:

      • Create crucial recruitment pipelines.
      • Decrease costly turnover.
      • Influence, mold and shape potential future employees.

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