• Health Reminder:

    While we are still in the midst of flu season and as allergy season approaches, we ask that you be mindful about keeping students home when they are sick. Sending unwell students to school is not beneficial to anyone as it can hinder academic performance and social development while putting others at risk. One of our students is currently undergoing treatment for cancer and has a compromised immune system. This student is actively involved in our school community. I strongly urge you to consider this circumstance when deciding on whether to send your child to school who may be unwell. If your child is suffering from an infectious disease (e.g., measles, chickenpox, flu, etc.), please keep them home until they are no longer contagious, as determined or advised by your general practitioner. Also, please notify our school nurse (nurse3222@aacps.org) so that our school can make the proper accommodations for any student who may need arrangements or for their family to make appropriate personal health decisions to keep their student safe. Please know that notifications about a student’s health condition is kept confidential. If we receive information that puts the health of another student at risk, we will notify the family of the at-risk student without identifying any student information. Your cooperation in keeping our entire school community healthy and safe is appreciated.