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The Captain's Club

The Captain’s Club is a vibrant collection of dedicated young athletes, who stands out for their commitment to positive change through impactful fundraising and philanthropy. Through innovative campaigns and events, they uplift both the Pasadena community and Northeast High School. In a recent act of generosity, the organization contributed over $250 in diapers and wipes to the Caring Cupboard, providing essential support to families in need. The athletes, embodying a spirit of service, have collectively volunteered over 100 hours, advocating for wellness and mental health. Spearheaded by the students, their public awareness campaign emphasizes community support in navigating mental health and addiction challenges. To foster a sense of unity and support, they introduced the "Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle" mantra along with mental health wristbands. These wristbands serve as a tangible reminder distributed across the school during sessions dedicated to teen mental health first aid information. The initiative not only promotes a lasting connection among students but also emphasizes the importance of mental health awareness and support. These wristbands symbolize the commitment to foster a compassionate and understanding community, where every member feels empowered to lend a helping hand and make a positive impact on the mental well-being of their peers. 

The Captain's Club is committed to cultivating an equitable environment through intentional activities. Their "Hold a Door" event encourages a culture of kindness and mutual respect, fostering a space where small gestures make a big impact. The practice of writing positive notes to teachers and students promotes inclusivity and appreciation, contributing to a supportive atmosphere. In addition to these efforts, the Captain's Club undertakes power washing the front of the building, enhancing the physical environment, and creating a welcoming space. Furthermore, their sporting events not only build a positive community but also raise awareness about cancer, aligning with a commitment to social responsibility. By integrating these initiatives, the Captain's Club actively creates and maintains a fair, safe, diverse, and inclusive space for all members of the community. 

The Captain's Club is making a positive impact on educational opportunities within marginalized communities through thoughtful initiatives. One example is their engagement in read-aloud sessions at local elementary schools, fostering literacy and a love for learning among young students. Additionally, their involvement in mentoring initiatives, specifically focused on Teen Mental Health First Aid, demonstrates a commitment to supporting holistic well-being. By providing educational resources and mentorship, the Captain's Club actively contributes to equitable access to learning opportunities and services, creating a foundation for academic success and mental health awareness within these communities. 

The Captain's Club continually seeks to enhance both the school and its community by actively engaging student athletes. The organization recently trained six representatives in "Starting the Conversation" through SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving), to raise awareness about addiction and mental health in our community. These representatives were tasked with creating a presentation to inform students about their training. Additionally, the entire organization received training from AACPS first responders on utilizing the warm line to provide support for students in crisis.

Collaborating with various organizations can present challenges, but these student athletes skillfully unite with both peers and adults, contributing to the cultivation of a positive school culture. Notably, the president initiated a weekly newsletter, distributing valuable information to staff, students, and the community. This proactive approach ensures that positive news resonates, fostering a sense of acknowledgment and amplifying the voices of all students within the school and community. Moreover, the Captain's Club is actively overseeing the procurement and installation of an Eagle monument, poised to leave a lasting legacy for generations at Northeast High School. The organization has future plans, including organizing a school 5k event dedicated to supporting local first responders and police in the area. 

Northeast High School your Athletic Leadership Committee, “The Captain’s Club” is a shining example of student equity within Anne Arundel County and Anne Arundel County Public Schools. For all of the reasons mentioned the Board of Education recognizes The Captain’s Club as the Student Equity in Action Spotlight, February 2024 awardee.

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