• Please note: In our IB high schools, the Personal Project is one of the elements that students will complete to meet the service-learning requirements set forth by AACPS and the Maryland State Department of Education.


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The foundations for the Personal Project have taken place in the 9th and 10th grade through the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) framework. MYP Personal Project has been integrated into the Global Community Citizenship course and other required MYP courses.
  • At the conclusion of the IB Middle Years Programme, students complete the Personal Project, which puts into practice the skills they have learned in the past two years. Students at Annapolis, Meade, and Old Mill High Schools must successfully complete the Personal Project in order to meet the graduation requirement.

    We encourage all families to speak with their student(s) about the progress they are making in their personal project(s). 

    Please visit https://www.aacps.org/ib to learn more about the IB program in AACPS.




How to Get Started with Personal Project Recovery

  • 1. Access Class Link with your student sign-in credentials.
    aacps sign in with microsoft or google



    2. From the Class Link launchpad, select "AACPS Brightspace".

    Classlink launchpad page

    3. Click on the "waffle" on the Brightspace home page, then select "Personal Project Recovery".

    Brightspace waffle with list of classes visible

    4. On the Personal Project Recovery page, you will see important announcements and contacts.  Select "Content" to get started.

    AACPS personal project recovery brightspace home page

    5. On the left, you will see tabs for all 8 lessons. 

    AACPS personal project recovery brightspace page left side bar with introduction highlighted

    6. By clicking on the lessons, you can see the assignment and a successful example.

    aacps personal project recovery page left sidebar with lesson 1 highlighted

    7. You must successfully complete all 8 lessons, including a product, in order to receive recovery credit for your Personal Project.  Remember to submit each lesson and your product on Brightspace after you have completed it.  You can see examples of successful lesson slides and a product above.  Note: you are not required to submit a slide show.  Your product is your evidence of service learning and it may take many forms, such as a video, pictures, testimonials, a written report, or any artifact or evidence of service you can provide. You can expect to spend approximately 8-10 hours on this course.

    8. After you have submitted all 8 lessons on Brightspace, contact the Service Learning liaison at your school.  The contact information for each liaison can be found on the top of this page.

    Congratulations! You have taken an important step towards graduation!