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    The Complete Player (TCP)

    The Complete Player (TCP) Charity is home to the TCP Youth Empowerment programs offered to northern Anne Arundel County youth. 

    At BPMS, we offer students the TCP Young Leaders program, which is a 7-month after-school program which develops students' academic, social, emotional, and leadership skills. To engage students in serving their community and improve their communication skills, they create and pitch business plan presentations on ideas to improve the quality of life in their community, then work together to bring their ideas to life. 

    Along with the business plan aspect, students have the opportunity to choose an Aesthetics, Entrepreneurship, or Robotics track that engages them in learning business fundamentals and future career skills. 

    We also offer students our Academic and Emotional Mentoring program that provides students with positive mentors who assist students with their academic and emotional needs during the school day. 

    To learn more about TCP Charity, check us out at www.tcpyouthempowerment.org and on Facebook and Instagram at @tcpyouthempowerment. 

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