• Apex Plus

      Apex Plus Courses (formerly Extended Day) are an integral component of the program.  

      Apex Plus (Apex+) courses are credit bearing classes with the same attendance, behavior, and progress expectations as classes held during the regular-day instructional program.

      Apex + Website 2023-2024

      This website is designed to offer students, parents and the general public a comprehensive and centralized view of the course offerings, requirements, and other pertinent information necessary to make intelligent choices in preparation for student scheduling in Apex+. 


      • Applied Arts.  Artists hone their foundation by employing the technical skills of a particular art or field of endeavor. These courses are Prime specific, unless otherwise designated as open to students from all primes.
      • Projects.  Artists engage in projects that emphasize the creative process through opportunities designed to expand their creative lens through collaboration, community engagement, and multiple performance and presentation avenues. These courses are open to students from all primes.  Enrollment and eligibility requirements vary among project offerings.
      • Virtual Lab. Virtual Lab Projects are offered in an asynchronous virtual module format through Brightspace, allowing students the flexibility to opt into their choice of project(s) at the time of their choice. 



      Minimum of 45 Hours (.5 Credit) per year for three years (Minimum of 135 Total)*.

      • Students who start the Apex Arts Magnet Program in Grade 9: Must complete their total requirement prior to their Senior year.
      • Students who start the Apex Arts Magnet Program in Grade 10: Must complete their total requirement prior to their Graduation.
        * The total hours for students who were in the high school program prior to the 2022-2023 School Year will be higher due to different minimum requirements in previous years.

      Students may exceed the minimum requirement of hours in any given school year.

      • For students who start the Apex Arts Magnet Program in Grade 9: Hours that exceed the minimum requirement MAY NOT be transferred from one school year to the next.
      • For students who start the Apex Arts Magnet Program in Grade 10: Hours that exceed the minimum requirement MAY be transferred from one school year to the next (to accommodate the demands of additional programmatic requirements during their Senior year).

      Some Primes have more specific guidelines pertaining to Apex+ requirements and may require more than 45 hours per year.  

      Unless specified by Prime specific Apex+ requirements, students may complete their 45 hour requirement through any combination of Applied, Project, and Virtual Lab courses. 



      • Exemplary student participation is expected.
      • Poor behavior and/or attendance can result in a student being dropped from a class without credit.
      • Students who have been dropped from a class without credit must still complete their minimum Apex+ hours
      • Students enrolled in Projects must be present for the final presentation to earn credit for the project.
      • Students in some Applied courses will have a limited number of make-up opportunities to satisfy their base level requirements within the course.
      • Students who do not meet Apex+ requirements may be placed on probationary status and could be exited from the program.



      The majority of Apex+ classes take place at Studio 39. Specialized classes may take place at Annapolis or Broadneck High Schools.


      Studio 39