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    Career & Technical Education

    Transportation, Logistics, and Cargo Security

    Program Description

    Technicians work around a cargo bay, a plane flies overhead

    Through partnerships with BWI Marshall Airport, the Port of Baltimore, and the Maryland Office of Tourism, this completer program exposes students to a range of careers involved in the transportation logistics field. Students will experience purposeful, real-world learning, career opportunities, transportable credentials, and higher education experiences. This program combines Career and Technical Education with Early College Access and will allow students to graduate with 18 college credits and a Certification in Transportation, Logistics, and Cargo Security, while preparing them to earn the Global Logistics Associate (GLA) Industry Certification. The program is a combination of courses developed by both AACPS and AACC. The six AACC courses are taken through the dual credit program.


    Completer Courses

    • International Trade, Transportation & Tourism Exploration
    • Introduction to Transportation and Logistics
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Transportation and Border Security
    • Introduction to Air/Seaport Operations
    • Domestic and International Freight Operations
    • Business Internship

    Schools Offering Completer

    • North County

    Potential Certifications

    • Global Logistics Associate (GLA) Industry Certification

    Articulated/Proficiency Credit

    Anne Arundel Community College (AACC)

    • BPA 235 Introduction to Transportation and Logistics (3 credits)
    • BPA 237 Supply Chain Management (3 credits)
    • HLS 213 Transportation and Border Security (3 credits)
    • BPA 236 Introduction to Air/Seaport Operations (3 credits)
    • BPA 238 Domestic and International Freight Operations (3 credits)
    • BPA 275 Business Internship (3 credits)

    Career Opportunities upon Program Completion

    • Cargo and Freight Agent ($32,340 - $63,410)
    • Customs Broker ($46,930 - $127,250)
    • Shipping, Receiving, and Inventory Clerk ($30,060 - $56,270)

    Career Opportunities with Additional Education and Training

    • Logistics Engineer ($60,680 - $141,860)
    • Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Manager ($60,800 - $171,450)
    • Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor ($52,230 - $95,360)
    • Transportation Engineer ($59,640 - $132,200)

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