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    Career & Technical Education

    Marine Service Technology

    Program Description

    Boat mechanics drill into a boat

    Standards and guidelines set by the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) are incorporated in this program and supported by ABYC. Students will learn boat related skills in carpentry, marine wiring, diagnosis and repair of marine engines, painting, refinishing, plumbing, fiberglassing and rigging. Career possibilities include crew member, refinishing, rigging, carpentry, fiberglass fabrication and repair, sales, and cleaning and maintenance.


    Completer Courses

    • Marine Service Technology 1
    • Marine Service Technology 2

    Schools Offering Completer

    • CAT South

    Potential Certifications

    • American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) Marine Service Technician

    Career Opportunities upon Program Completion

    • Marine Mechanics and Service Technician ($35,660 - $76,500)
    • Marine Rigger ($48,440 - $75,870)
    • Boatyard Operations

    Career Opportunities with Additional Education and Training

    • Marine Engineer and Naval Architect ($76,040 - $177,820)
    • Marina Operations
    • Insurance Appraisal
    • Marine Surveyor

    Success Stories


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