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    Career & Technical Education

    Teacher Academy of Maryland

    Program Description

    Teacher discusses with students in a classroom

    The Teacher Academy of Maryland prepares students who are seeking careers in K-12 education. This program will prepare students, through a series of courses that include supervised lab teaching and an internship, where they will create and deliver lesson plans in elementary and middle school classrooms. Aligned with curriculum developed by Towson University, this program offers the potential for post-secondary college credit and scholarship opportunities at participating post-secondary schools.


    Completer Courses

    • Child Growth and Development
    • Teaching as a Profession
    • Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction
    • Education Academy Internship

    Schools Offering Completer

    • All high schools except Phoenix and CAT Centers

    Potential Certifications

    • ParaPro Certification

    Career Opportunities upon Program Completion

    • Teaching Assistant ($27,570 - $58,900)

    Career Opportunities with Additional Education and Training

    • Elementary and Secondary Teacher ($8,600 - $99.160)
    • Education Administrator ($82,590 - $160,500)
    • Child, Family, and School Social Worker ($39,630 - $100,410)
    • Educational, Guidance, and Career Counselor ($46,410 - $103,540)

    Success Stories


    See your School Counselor for more information!