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    Career & Technical Education

    Apprenticeship Maryland

    Program Description

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    The Apprenticeship Maryland Program is coordinated through a partnership between AACPS, the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and the Maryland Department of Labor (MDL). The program is for students, ages 16 and up, and is designed to lead to sustainable employment and further education. The program consists of one year of related classroom instruction and a workplace component with an employer (approved by the Maryland Apprenticeship Training Council (MATC) through MDL) of at least 450 hours. The workplace component is a paid (at least minimum wage) mentored, on-the-job, rating/work-based learning plan and a formal agreement between the student, school, and employer.


    Completer Courses

    • Related Technical Instruction
    • WBL Experience (450 hours)

    Schools Offering Completer

    • All high schools, including CAT Centers

    Potential Certifications

    Maryland Department of Labor (MDOL)

    • State Skill Certificate

    Success Stories


    See your School Counselor for more information!