• Career & Technical Education

    Construction Design and Management

    Program Description

    Two construction workers observe the surrounding buildings

    Students will develop an understanding of the built world through the design and construction process. Each course uses a project-based learning approach to advance students’ understanding of the design-build-maintain process. Advanced architectural drafting and design skills are developed through lab-based instruction using Autodesk software tools (AutoCAD and Revit Architecture). Throughout the program, students will develop a portfolio to demonstrate knowledge of each phase of the design and construction management process. Students will also have the opportunity to earn industry certification in AutoCAD. Additionally, each course includes ‘real-world’ projects and problem-solving to align with the school’s Signature - Community Development & Global Citizenship.


    Completer Courses

    • Introduction to Construction Design and Management
    • Principles of Construction Design
    • Honors Advanced Design and 3-D Modeling
    • Honors Advanced Construction Management

    Schools Offering Completer

    • Arundel

    Potential Certifications


    • AutoCADCertification
    • Revit Architecture Certification

    Articulated/Proficiency Credit

    Anne Arundel Community College (AACC)

    • EGNT 101 Introduction to Engineering Technology (3 credits) or ENSC 101 Enginnering Design (3 credits)

    Career Opportunities upon Program Completion

    • First-Line Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers ($50,920 - $104,140)
    • Mechanical Drafters ($45,600 - $104,930)
    • Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians ($38-550 - $72,800)

    Career Opportunities with Additional Education and Training

    • Construction and Buidling Inspectors ($48,480 - $88,190)
    • Construction Managers ($66,380 - $174,140)
    • Civil Engineers ($59-640 - $132,200)

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