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    Career & Technical Education

    Construction & Development

    Cnstruction worker fixes the wooden frame of a house

    Advances in science and technology will continue to drive innovation in the design, construction, and maintenance of all kinds of structures, including homes, manufacturing plants, office buildings, streets and highways and more. These advances will also impact infrastructure systems, including new design concepts, construction materials and methods, and the application of information technology. The programs included in the Construction and Design cluster allow students to advance their knowledge in specific construction trades, design or construction management.

    Construction & Development Programs

    Hardhat and gear graphic in a circleBuilding/Industrial Maintenance

    Students in the Industrial and Building Maintenance program will learn how to maintain and repair various buildings, from houses to factories. Students from this class can work in residential property management or run an entire building like the chief engineer of the school. The level one semester includes nine of the 13...

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    Saw and ruler graphic in a circleCarpentry

    In the Carpentry program, students will learn key elements needed to be successful in the carpentry trade including – safety, math, tool usage, design, structural framing, and woodworking. Carpentry is a hands-on, yet academically challenging environment, designed to help students "build" their future..

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    Hammer and wrench graphic in a circleConstruction Design and Management

    Students will develop an understanding of the built world through the design and construction process. Each course uses a project-based learning approach to advance students’ understanding of the design-build-maintain process. Advanced architectural drafting and design skills are developed through lab-based...

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    Cord and plug graphic in a circleElectricity

    The Electricity program provides high school students with the knowledge and skills to launch a career in electricity. Level 1 introduces basic skills, practices, and theories of electricity and its applications to circuits, devices, and materials. Topics include the national electrical code book, electron theory, direct current...

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    Thermometer Graphic in a circleHeating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

    Basic principles and practical applications to the Air Conditioning and Heating Industry are introduced in this course. Electro-Mechanical Theory, basic electricity, and wiring diagrams are studied. Outcomes include troubleshooting, maintenance, wiring diagrams, ducting, and repair of central heating and air conditioning...

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    Brick wall graphic in a circleMasonry

    Students will learn to work with brick, block, stone, and concrete. They will be able to estimate the cost of materials, read blueprints, and lay out projects. Career opportunities in this trade offer a promising future for graduates as a mason tender, bricklayer, layout person, foreman, estimator, superintendent, and...

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    Plumbing pipe graphic in a circlePlumbing

    Students will be instructed in the areas of soldering, brazing, repairing sinks and toilets, repairing water heaters, reading blueprints, and designing bathrooms. A senior year internship is available, which can lead to an apprenticeship program. Career opportunities exist as plumber, gas fitter, maintenance engineer...

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    Welding machine graphic in a circleWelding

    Students will be instructed in blueprint reading, oxy-acetylene welding and cutting, brazing, arc welding, plasma cutting and welding, and pulse MIG welding. Career opportunities exist as production welder, machine operator, job shop welder, fabricator, pipeline, welder, sheet metal mechanic and welder...

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