The Jessup Elementary School Uniform Policy

  • The Jessup Elementary School Uniform Program was adopted to create an environment that focuses on school performance, not individual attire. Parents and students are responsible for the following guidelines of the school uniform policy. (AACPS Policy 902.04/JCDA) 


    All students are required to wear the basic uniform which includes: 

    • Khaki, Navy Blue and Black colored pants, shorts, skirt or skorts (no denim).  
    • Navy, White, Light Blue, and Black polo shirts (short and long sleeve) or long sleeve turtleneck (no designs). 

    In addition to our basic uniform, the following may be included:  

    • Solid Navy, White, Light Blue and Black crew neck sweatshirt/sweater.  Solid Navy, White, Light Blue and Black cardigan sweater. 

    The garments below are NOT CONSIDERED part of our school uniform: 

    • Hooded or logo sweatshirts 
    • T-shirts  
    • Jeans or Levis  
    • Cargo pants with side pockets 

    For safety at recess, PE, and traveling through the building, students should wear sneakers:  

    • Flip flops, sandals and shoes with wheels are not acceptable.  
    • Socks, tights and shoe strings in solid colors of khaki, white or navy blue must be worn.


    Additional Information:  

    • Uniforms must be the appropriate size with no logo.  
    • Tops should be plain (no designs, logos, characters, names or numbers of any size).  Sleeveless tops, crop tops, v-necks, halters, undershirts, and T-shirts are not allowed (White T-shirts may be worn under the school uniform top).
    • Pants may not contain large designer insignia, characters, names or numbers. Pants may not be rolled up or tucked into shoes or boots. 
    • Leggings or yoga pants are not to be worn unless under a dress or skirt.
    • Belts may be a solid color(plain black, brown or navy blue). Belts must go through the belt loops and fit securely around the waist. Belt buckles should be plain.  
    • All school uniform exception days will be announced (picture day, spirit day, field day, etc.).  Any other exemptions must be discussed with the school principal. 
    • Skirt/short length must meet AACPS dress code policy for students. The hem must be longer than the fingertips when standing at attention.  
    • Shoes must be safe and enclose the foot. Shoes may not expose students to safety hazards nor should they impede a student from moving quickly during an evacuation of the building. Athletic shoes are permitted.  
    • The Jessup Elementary School Uniforms may be purchased at J.C. Penney, Walmart, Target, and Old Navy, and other local businesses, as well as other internet resources.
    • Parent/Guardian please secure an exemption for the student from the building administrator for any one of the following reasons: violates religious belief, creates financial hardship, conflicts with wearing of a nationally recognized youth organization uniform (i.e. Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts) on meeting days during scout week etc.