• Fingerprinting is a necessary component for AACPS employment.  Fingerprinting is part of our background check process. You will have your fingerprints taken at our AACPS Central Office located at 2644 Riva Road, Annapolis, MD 21401.

    After you have submitted your initial interest and registration to become an AACPS summer intern, you will receive a letter that will outline next steps in the employment process.  The details regarding fingerprinting will be contained in this letter.  You will be given dates and times available for you to visit the AACPS Central Office to have your fingerprints taken. If you do not schedule a fingerprinting appointment before your New Employee Processing Day, then on that day you will have your fingerprints taken.

    "Each one of you has something no one else has, or has ever had: your fingerprints, your brain, your heart. Be an individual. Be unique. Stand out. Make noise. Make someone notice. That's the power of individuals.”
    Jon Bon Jovi, American Singer-Songwriter ~ ~


  • “Besides getting a foot in the door with a potential employer and looking good on a resume, internships have other advantages, such as the opportunity to ‘test drive’ a career.”

    Alexander Lowry,
    Professor of Finance, Gordon College