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  • Title I schools implement school-level family engagement programs through meaningful consultation with parents of participating children and provide opportunities to increase academic knowledge and strategies related to their children's education.  The Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 mandates parent engagement at the school level as a part of the Title I program.  Each school receives funds to support a comprehensive parent engagement program.  Title I Parent and Family Engagement Specialist assists in the development and implementation of the required parent engagement plan and programs.  Title I does this by-

    • ensuring that required Title I information is shared with parents at each school

    • providing schools with a quarterly parent newsletter informing parents of upcoming workshops and ways to obtain information about their child’s school

    • assisting schools to ensure that each parent is provided the School-Parent Compact 

    • participating in the family engagement committee and meetings

    • ensuring each school administers at least one parent and family engagement survey

    Schools receive Title I funds to provide a comprehensive parent and family engagement program that includes workshops focusing on strategies to help children improve their academic performance. For information about your school’s parent and family workshops, contact the school office or visit the school’s website.

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    Our Goal in Title I

      We continue to build our     families through academic   workshops.  Through   workshops, parents gain   strategies to support their   children's educational needs.   We continue to reach out to   families to gain insight into our school data and the decisions we make regarding the academic growth of our students. We are in this together!

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