• Bullying Stops Here

    Bullying and cyberbullying, harassment and intimidation, hazing, and/or bias behaviors are unsafe behaviors that do not reflect respect for others as defined by the Code of Student Conduct. If a student is a target of one of these behaviors, you can report it using the Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation Reporting Form (see right)

    This form is also available in the main office of schools or the school counseling office. Students can also report issues directly to a staff member. When a situation that involves any of these behaviors is reported, staff members will respond quickly and will provide a practical, private, and safe place to report.


    • Change in school performance
    • Absenteeism
    • Truancy/drop out
    • Peer rejection

There's a difference between bullying behavior and normal peer conflict

Online Reporting


  • Questions about Anti-Bullying efforts at AACPS
    Call the Office of School Counseling at 410-222-5280

    Lauren Ward-Allen, Ed.D.
    Acting Director of Safe and Orderly Schools

    Ryan Voegtlin
    Director of Student Support Services

What Bullying Is

  • Bullying is behavior that:

    • Is intentional. 
    • Is repeated over time: Chronic bullying is considered more than 2 acts per month.
    • Is intended to harm: There is an intent to cause physical or emotional hurt.
    • Involves a power differential: One person is more popular, bigger, older than another.
    • Creates a hostile educational environment: a student doesn't feel safe.
    • Is done through the use of social media, otherwise known as Cyberbullying - read more


What Bullying Isn't

  • Just as important is understanding what bullying isn’t: 

    Bullying is not:

    • Unkind words that occur once; 
    • Rough-housing or rough play that is not intended to hurt; A physical attack that is not part of a pattern of behavior; or 
    • Behavior that may be inappropriate to the adult, but that the other does not perceive as hurtful, for example, name-calling that all are participating in on an equal basis.