Educator of the Month

  • Educator of the Month

    Our February Educator of the Month shows extraordinary leadership in his role at Monarch Academy Annapolis. He creates emotionally safe environments and encourages every student to share their thoughts and feelings.

    Nathan Fincher, Arts Integration and Social Emotional Learning Teacher, at Monarch Academy Annapolis.

    Mr. Fincher’s classroom is a cohesive, compassionate community. His students feel safe taking risks because they know they have his support and the support of their peers. His students are excited to come to school because he makes learning so much fun for them. He is always positive and energetic.

    Nathan is a supportive and encouraging teacher and colleague. He always creates a can-do attitude though words and actions, lending an ear and shoulder when it is needed. Not only does he promote a positive and professional work relationship, but he takes the initiative to remember unique qualities about others.

    Mr. Fincher has been a leader of several professional development opportunities for all staff, including the implementation of school-wide initiatives to address reading comprehension and math. He can be found walking the school grounds with teammates, greeting students and engaging in “walking meetings” in order to promote physical well-being with his work mates.

    Nathan Fincher, is described as an “exemplary teacher and friend.” Today the Board of Education is honored to recognize you as the Educator of the Month for February 2023. Congratulations!