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    What makes a great teacher? There are likely many answers to this question, right?

    Well, at Central Middle School, they believe their Science Department Chair, Mr. Jeremy Marcus-Wegner is ONE GREAT TEACHER!

    Mr. Marcus-Wegner has been instrumental in establishing the School’s Professional Development Committee, involving not just a team of educators but often surveying the entire staff for input and ideas. He keeps everyone informed via the Professional Learning Community that he created through Google Classroom. This allows timely, easily accessed feedback of information for everyone.

    Mr. Marcus-Wegner promotes positive changes in the growth of students and the staff at Central Middle school. The results of those efforts over the school year have led to greater awareness of policies involving relief, equitable grading practices, the use of ELL practices, as well as discipline policies. He created surveys and gathered data for the Equity team that has directly led to increased opportunity for students as well as developing empathy from and within the staff. Additionally, Mr. Marcus-Wegner is the Science Department Chair and assesses the level of implementation of Next Generation Science Standards, using data to hold collaborative conversations to improve instructional delivery and increased mastery for all students.

    Mr. Marcus-Wegner makes outstanding contributions to the school by diligently working along side both Assistant Principals to learn the inner workings of both testing and scheduling. He attends Central office trainings in both of these school-wide tasks whenever permissible. He assists in creating Science Testing and WIDA testing schedules and communicates with teachers in his department, outlining their roles during these tests.

    He performs all of his duties with the utmost professionalism and congeniality. He is quick to problem solve, employing the very Scientific Methods he has taught over the years to properly assess issues, gathering pertinent information only, and then presenting solutions to the Leadership Team. As you would imagine, Mr. Marcus-Wegner is both well-liked and respected by his students and his peers. Students are quick to greet him in the hallways or when he takes part in lunch duty for the day.

    Mr. Marcus-Wegner, your attention to detail and thoughtfulness as an educator are to be celebrated. So today, the Board of Education recognizes you as our Educator of the Month for November 2019.


2019 Teacher of the Year

 Teresa Beilstein



Degrees and Certifications:

Teresa Beilstein

2019-2020 Maryland State Teacher of the Year

Third Grade Teacher, South Shore Elementary School

"This profession is truly an honor. It is the intersection of my passion and purpose. I am so lucky to have a career that fulfills me as a person. It’s more than I could ever ask for and I’m honored to represent my colleagues across the state.”

Press Release

Ms. Beilstein shares her story with the Faces of AACPS.