Educator of the Month

  • Educator of the Month

    The Board recognized a staff member whose systematic knowledge of the inter-workings of the school system are unmatched. She has been a vital asset to Anne Arundel County Public Schools, is well known and well respected throughout our county. Everyone knows that when called upon, she will give you the most honest and knowledgeable answer to any question or concern that is brought her way. At the end of this month, after 30+ years of devoted service to AACPS, she is retiring.

    Our June 2022 Educator of the month, from the Office of Student Data, Mrs. Diane Copeland.

    Mrs. Copeland helped create and customize the “Graduation Planner” in PowerSchool. This powerful tool is used by all secondary administrators, counselors, and families to help determine courses that must be taken to satisfy graduation requirements. To ensure that all students who are scheduled to graduate meet the requirements for graduation, Diane completes an audit for EVERY Senior in our county three (3) times each year, that’s over 5,000 students! This process alone takes weeks to perform for each school and while this is not required within her position, it is a gift to our high schools and our district that Mrs. Copeland devotes her time and energy towards.

    Diane is the model of consistency and professionalism for AACPS. For the last 20+ years she has been the face of Student Data, along with her husband Ed. She has working knowledge and historical perspective that is unmatched, some of you remember SASI don’t you? Her work is essential to the success of AACPS and she does everything in her power to ensure that things run smoothly for the schools, staff, and students. Colleagues described her performance as “remarkable to see the care, concern, and devotion that she has given to her job in such a selfless manner.”

    Mrs. Copeland provides extensive training to administrators, counselors, teachers and staff members on PowerSchool and PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook. This important training keeps our schools in line with laws, policies, regulations, and procedures that dramatically impact our school system. Ms. Copeland gives accurate information right away and wonderful support whenever it’s needed.

    Diane Copeland, much of your hard work has been done behind the scenes but the impact that you have made to Anne Arundel County Public Schools is at the forefront of our schools each and every day. Your commitment, effectiveness, and support to everyone in our county is remarkable. Congratulations on earning the June 2022 Educator of the Month, this Board and your fellow colleagues wish you much relaxation and enjoyment in your retirement.