Gaining Access to Fort Meade

    Fort Meade Installation Access Request Form


    Base Access is only available for the 1st and 2nd contact listed in PowerSchool. MacArthur Middle will furnish the Fort Meade Visitors Control Center  a list of all 1st and 2nd contacts in the system. No other names will be forwarded.  Please adjust your emergency contact list accordingly. Beginning on August 22nd, Parents/Emergency contacts can begin reporting to the VCC located at 4215 Roberts Ave on Ft. Meade (Please utilize the Rockenbach Rd/175 entrance and stay to the right for Visitors).   

    You MUST bring and provide two (2) forms of valid ID's for ID proofing, Driver's License & social security card preferred. License should be real ID compliant - per the Department of Homeland Security Real ID Act at https://www.dhs.gov/real-id. Any state license or state ID marked with "not for federal purposes", "federal limits apply" or any other similar verbiage cannot be accepted as a primary form of ID. Individuals with marked licenses or State IDs must have a valid U.S. passport, foreign nationals with marked licenses or IDs must have a permanent residency card or employment authorization card. 


    Please note, those presenting a state ID as their primary ID - access will NOT be granted, as all will need to provide a valid driver's license in order to drive on post. Also, access is not guaranteed because your child attends MacArthur Middle School, all MUST have a favorable background result in order to gain access to post as well. Foreign Passports without the appropriate Visa are not acceptable forms of ID for this office.