• Families are invited to preview Anne Arundel County curricula and family resources including Maryland College and Career Readiness Standards (www.aacps.org)  under Academics. The following resources are not required for use in a home instruction program, but may offer guidance when planning for home instruction:

     Elementary the AACPS Elementary Reading/ Integrated Literacy

    Middle School Reading/ English/ Integrated Literacy

    Elementary Math   - Mathematics Standards Progression (insert PDF)

    Middle School Math

    Science Next Generation Science Standards

    Social Studies  - Social Studies Standards and Frameworks

    Maryland Health Standards Framework (Pre-k through grade 12)

    Online Schools

    There are many nonpublic online education vendors.  Most, but not all, online instruction falls under the category of Home Instruction in the state of Maryland.  When families homeschool, they have the freedom and responsibility to select their child's curriculum, but must submit a Notification of Home Instruction as required by Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 13.A.10.01.

    OPTION 1:  Families may choose to enroll their students in online courses from any provider and bring information about that coursework to their twice-yearly program reviews. Printouts summarizing the courses, percentage of course completed, and grade or level of mastery is part of the documentation for online instruction.  Be aware that online schools do not necessarily provide instruction in all of the required subject areas.  Families may need to supplement online instruction with core and/or elective courses which meet the COMAR requirements for home instruction in Maryland.  

    OPTION 2: Currently, the only online school that has been approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) to award diplomas recognized by the state of Maryland is Pearson Online Academy (formerly International Connections Academy). If you choose to enroll your child, full-time in this private online school it is not considered home-schooled.