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  • Students, families, community partners, and our teachers rave about our Signature Programs all the time!  Take a few minutes and read all about the exciting aspects of our Signature Program from their perspectives!

  • My name is Brandon M. and I graduated from Severna Park in 2022. I can confidently say that the leadership opportunities that were available to me through the Signature Program had a huge impact on my life, and helped me to become a better public speaker, team player, and organizer. The list of opportunities to get involved with through signature is always growing, but I personally enjoyed working with SP Customs, participating in mock interviews, learning from financial literacy week (as a broke college student I can personally attest that there is some crucial information provided in that), taking AACC classes while in high school, and working with students that had similar aspirations. I have learned a lot from being involved in signature and these skills still help me as I continue to pursue business, innovate, and lead in my daily life. 


    -Brandon M.


                I am a current senior at Boston College studying finance and philosophy looking to work in commercial real estate post-graduation. This past summer, I completed a real estate investment banking internship at Eastdil Secured, primarily working with institutional equity sales and debt placement of commercial real estate properties in Boston and Cambridge.  The signature program from SPHS has taught me that leadership can flow from the bottom up just as much as from top to bottom. It does not have to only be from senior management or people "in charge". It can be from employees and junior people who simply have a great idea. This mode of thought has encouraged me to act as a leader in all aspects of life: in the classroom, at internships, and in my relationships with others.


              -Christian L. 



            Participating in the Business, Innovation & Leadership Signature Program at Severna Park helped me to instill a greater deal of confidence within myself and also gave me a taste of professionalism and the real world before I actually entered it. The Signature Program gave me the unique opportunity to interact with business owners and various industry professionals and be treated as not only an adult, but as a valuable contributor with ideas and skills. Because of my participation in the Signature Program, I have felt more confident going into presentations in college and feel that I have a baseline of real problem-solving and business experience to speak on. As an English major, I feel comfortable in business and professional writing and composition. I have referenced my Leadership Institute project in job interviews to reflect my experience working with and giving direction to a team. I am grateful for the Signature Program at Severna Park, as it gave me college and career readiness skills and made me feel like a more competent student and overall individual.
     - Julia M.