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Clubs and Co-Curricular Opportunities

  • We know when we support students to learn at their potential, we must reach both their heads and their hearts.  Co-curricular clubs and activities are often what allow our students opportunities to play, explore, and engage in topics that ignite their interests. Signature Programs offer after-school clubs and activities related to their individual signature themes. These clubs and activities are open to all interested students in each high school.

  • Co-curricular activities offer a broad spectrum of learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom for all students.  They are intended to complement, broaden and provide a practical application of the knowledge students receive in regular classes within the Business, innovation, & Leadership theme.  They provide students with meaningful, expanded learning experiences, and opportunities to grow as individuals.

    Biology Club/Simulation to Advance Innovation & Learning (SAIL)/ Future Doctors of America- Students participate in solving challenges presented to them by the SAIL Center of Anne Arundel Medical Center.  Such challenges include the creation of simulated blood and mannequin models for central line placements. 

    Chick-Fil- A Leader Academy- A national high school leadership program focused on impact through action.  Chick- Fil-A Leader Academy engages students in monthly leader labs with a focus on important leadership skills that they will use to create student-led community impact projects.

    Diamond Challenge/Blue Ocean Business Idea Competition - An international business concept and social venture competition focusing on the development and validation of new business models for generating revenue and profit.  In partnership with the University of Delaware, Horn Program of Entrepreneurship, students have the ability to compete for $10,000 in cash or scholarship money.  

    Entrepreneurship Club - Students learn to develop an entrepreneurial mindset by putting their ideas into action.  They learn what it takes to start and run their own business while networking with our student business owners.  

    ACE-Architecture, Construction, & Engineering- Ace club members work with professional architects, engineers, and construction managers to learn field skills by participating in planning and designing projects and attending construction-based field trips.

    Mindful Mornings- In this club, students will work together to find innovative ways to manage emotions and reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.  Practices include, but are not limited to: mindful listening, eating, movement, and breathing.

    Model United Nations- Students step into the shoes of ambassadors from U.N. member states to debate current issues on the organization’s vast agenda.  Student delegates prepare draft resolutions, plot strategy, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts and navigate U.N.’s rules of procedures.

    Skills USA- Skills USA empowers its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens. Students develop Skills USA Framework skills that include personal, workplace and technical skills grounded in academics. The goal of the organization is to produce the most highly skilled workforce in the world, providing every member with the opportunity for career success.

    Financial Literacy Club- The Financial Literacy club is designed to help students better understand how to manage, grow their finances, and make financially literate decisions for a secure future.  Students engage in topics such as personal financial management, budgeting, investing, credit and debit, and risk management.