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Signature Courses

  • The curriculum for each of our high school Signature Programs is crafted to be rich with opportunities to see learning come alive through purposeful engaging activities and planned opportunities for students to meet professionals working in industry, government, and organizations throughout the public and private sectors.  Signature Explorations Courses exist in every high school.  These unique courses are semester or year-long survey offerings that introduce students to their school’s Signature theme.  These workforce-relevant Signature Exploration courses are collaboratively designed by AACPS educators and community/business partners working alongside one another.

  • International Economics and Finance Explorations I

    In International Economics and Finance Explorations I, students will develop an economic way of thinking, an understanding of major issues in economics, and financial literacy skills through project and game-based inquiry learning and collaboration with experts in their community.  Students will begin to develop a personal financial portfolio focused around their future goals and practice in making wise investment choices through career investigation and participation in the Stock Market Game. 

  • International Economics and Finance Explorations II

    In International Economics and Finance Explorations II, students will expand their understanding of international economics, money management, and key facets of business to grow as future leaders in their local and global economies.  Students will develop professional skills including project organization, public speaking, and networking through project-based learning.  Throughout the yearlong course students will investigate types of businesses, monetary and fiscal policy, sustainability, financial ethics, and international economics through the development of their own business-based financial portfolio.  

  • AACC Logo BPA-113 Consumer and Personal Finance

    Compare theories as they apply to consumer decision making. Apply theories to make practical choices regarding consumer saving, investing and budgeting. Discuss the use of credit, insurance, housing, career choice, retirement and estate planning. 

  • AACC Logo ECO-121 Introduction to Economics

    Identify and illustrate how markets work with the use of demand and supply. Analyze consumer behavior and economic behavior of the firm under varying conditions. Discuss use of national income accounting (GDP) as a measure of the health of the economy. Examine and calculate GDP to analyze and implement fiscal and monetary policies.

  • AACC Logo BPA-111 Introduction to Business

    Explore the way that business is related to, and interacts with, individuals, groups, and institutions in the 21st century. Learn the terminology and concepts of the functional areas of business, setting the foundation for interpreting and analyzing the legal, social, and ethical issues facing business (both the institution and its members) today. Examine global awareness and cultural diversity throughout the course. Prepare for a career in business and/or a business career in the arts, sciences, and technologies.

  • AACC Logo BPA-217 Small Business Accounting

    Use Quickbooks® software (Windows®-based) for the study of computerized accounting systems with emphasis on the application of accounting theory and practice. Complete projects for both a service and merchandising company, including creating a company, recording transactions for revenue and expenses, entering payroll data, adjusting accounts, reconciling bank accounts and closing the accounting cycle. Use a personal computer for downloading, installing, naming, opening, and saving electronic files. 

  • AACC Logo BPA-201 Financial Accounting

    Learn principles of financial accounting for the corporate entity. Study accrual-based accounting and the accounting cycle. Analyze and record financial transactions, prepare financial statements, and learn to account for receivables, inventories, fixed assets, liabilities and shareholders' equity.

  • AACC Logo BPA-138 Bus and Professional Ethics

    Explores the moral landscape of today's business environment. Discusses ethical issues and dilemmas of professionals in business, public administration, accounting and other professions.


  • Gillian Ratti
    Signature Site Coordinator  
    410-969-9010 ext. 277


    9th  Grade

    IEF Explorations 1

    10th Grade 

    IEF Explorations 2

    Dual Credit classes
    Offered at OMHS

    BPA 113(Semester 1)
    ECO 121 (Semester 2)

    12th Grade 
    Dual Credit Classes
    Offered at AACC 

    BPA 111 ( Semester 1)*  
    BPA 217 (Semester 1)
    BPA 201(Semester 2)
    BPA 138(Semester 2)