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  • The Human Performance Signature Program at Northeast High School prepares students with the skills and content needed to have a successful career in the Human Performance field by providing them with hands-on learning projects and experiences.  Signature students will:

    • Explore a variety of careers with a focus on human performance careers
    • Create a resume to be reviewed by local business partners
    • Focus on soft skills
    • Participate and create events designed to help the Pasadena Community
    • attend select Allied Health related Anne Arundel County Community College classes offered at 50% off tuition  


    Northeast High School's Signature Program is focused on activating the MIND, BODY, & SOUL in yourself and in our Pasadena community.  Students will begin their Signature journey by taking Explorations 1A Global and Community Citizenship, followed by Explorations 1B Human Performance.  In these courses, students will learn about themselves, their school community, and the greater Pasadena community. Students will create a community map, identify resources and challenges their community faces and they will actively work towards solutions to those challenges. Students work directly with business partners to write grants to fund their solutions.  In the second year of the program, students will take the Exploration 2 Passion courses.  There are four Passion courses, each lasting a marking period.  The Passion courses include: Turning Wages Into Wealth, Designing for Wellness: Ergonomics, Mobile Apps, and Mindful Design.

  • For more information on our Signature Programs, please view the Signatures Alive! video:




  • Maharlika Kaminski
    Signature Site Coordinator

    Signature Office Room C104

    Gina Ward
    Signature Program Facilitator

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