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  • What is a Signature Program?

    A Signature is a theme chosen by a school and its surrounding community, to connect classroom instruction with
    real-world situations and workforce-relevant skills. A Signature brings together educators with local business and
    community leaders to make classroom instruction relevant, interesting, and challenging for students with
    opportunities that connect to the 21st century workplace. Each of the 13 comprehensive high schools in Anne
    Arundel County offer a unique Signature Program. These programs align with the AACPS goals to eliminate the
    achievement gap by providing all students with access to rigorous coursework.

  • How is a Signature Program theme selected for a high school?

    Members of the community are invited to participate in formal and informal brainstorming to determine the
    unique needs of the community. A survey collects data reflecting the interest, culture, resources, and businesses in
    the surrounding community. A Signature Program "theme" is then selected for the high school based on survey
    results and supporting data. 

  • Who is responsible for implementing a Signature Program in each high school?

    The school personnel, including the Signature Site Coordinator and the Integrated Community
    Stakeholder Team (ICST) are responsible for implementing the Signature Program in each high school. An
    Integrated Community Stakeholder Team (ICST), facilitated by the SPF, includes individuals from each of the six
    community arenas: Business/Industry, Health, Education, Community Services, Media & Communications, and

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of the Integrated Community Stakeholder Team (ICST)?

    After selecting the theme, the ICST works with the school to determine needs, timeline and budget, program
    elements, outcomes, resources, curricula, and creates a detailed Signature Program plan. In partnership with
    school personnel, the ICST meets monthly to ensure the sustainability of the Signature Program.

  • What is required of an ICST Member?

    Each member of the ICST can be involved at various levels of responsibility and time commitment. One member
    may visit classrooms and discuss careers with students, while another member may work with a teacher to update
    curriculum to include real-world connections. At the same time, a group of ICST members may work together to
    create job shadowing experiences for students. The possibilities are endless! Individual members are able to
    choose the depth of their commitment.

  • How does my child participate in the Signature Program?

    There are multiple pathways for a student to participate in the school's Signature Program. Students engage in
    Signature-related courses, clubs & co-curricular offerings, internships, and AACC courses. During scheduling,
    students are able to elect to enroll in the Explorations courses available through their school's respective Signature
    Program. Other opportunities are shared by the Signature Site Coordinator through announcements, websites & social media, and through classes.

  • How will the Signature change my child's high school program?

    Students who participate in the Signature will be able to choose from specially designed courses, co-curricular
    and career opportunities enhanced with the school's unique theme. These may include seminars with leaders in
    their field, internships, mentoring, technical and community college courses, online learning, and other real world
    experiences. Students may develop individual pathways and create a portfolio that demonstrates their unique skills
    and talents surpassing information found in a standard high school transcript.

  • What if my child is not interested in the school's Signature theme?

    Students do not have to participate in their school's Signature program. The Signature is a specialized program
    within the regular high school in which students may opt to participate. As Signatures are community chosen and
    based, students may only participate in their local high school's Signature.

  • What are the Benefits of Being Involved with a Signature Program?

    For Students
    Students who participate in the Signature program will be highly qualified foth both workforce and higher education experiences.
    Many students will complete high school with a technical certificate or college credit through our Signature specific AACC pathways.
    Students will have access to leadership experiences, service learning opportunities, portfolio creation, and capstone projects which will enhance their resume's and their high school experience.

    For Business Partners
    Increased employee motivation through involvement in volunteering
    Development of Leadership & Management skills
    An opportunity to shape the future workforce
    Raising the profile of your business in the community through linking with local schools
    Networking with other ICST members

  • Who do I contact if I have any questions?

    If you are interested in being a part of a Signature Program, contact the Signature Site Coordinator at the local high school for more information, or contact the Signature Support Team (SST)

    Signature Support Team (SST)

    Lise Foran lforan@aacps.org

    Michelle Weisgerber mweisgerber@aacps.org

    Sheila Zeytinoglu szeytinoglu@aacps.org