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  • AACPS Signature Programs strive to provide meaningful coursework, professional experiences, and unique learning opportunities for all students. Internships are central to giving students rewarding and relevant workforce experience. Each high school in Anne Arundel County Public Schools has an Internship Coordinator who works with students, professionals, and the Centers for Applied Technology in order to place and monitor students while in their internships.

    Opportunities exist for a variety of internships with community business partners, both during the school year and over the summer.  Check out   https://www.aacpsstudentinternships.org/  for a list of opportunities, student requirements, and internship management.

  • The Signature IT3 College Pathway at North County High School includes an internship. Students prepare for the internship in the Spring semester of their junior (11th grade) year during the Exploration 2 Seminar Class. Students are guided by the Work-Based Learning Facilitator as they apply and interview for a position. Students complete their 135 hour internship during the summer prior to their senior (12th grade) year. When they complete the requirements for the internship, students will complete a portfolio at the end of summer and in the early fall with a collection of examples and evidence that showcase their experience. Students who submit their portfolio on time and earn a C or better will receive proficiency credit from Anne Arundel Community College. Credit for the internship is included in the 18 credit certificate titled: Transportation, Logistics, and Cargo Security.  *This is only available for students at North County High School. 

    • For more information regarding internship opportunities, please contact our Work Based Learning Facilitator Sylvanie Johnson