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College Resources

  • Signature Programs offer students an opportunity to connect with higher education in a multitude of ways.  Whether it be taking a college course, visiting colleges to learn more about what they have to offer, or having guest college professors teaching in a Signature class, college connections are prominent within the Signature Program.  To help students prepare for whatever they choose to do after they graduate from high school, Signature Programs give students a variety of experiences with many of the colleges and universities in our area.  Additionally, our Signature Site Coordinators have researched many colleges and universities outside of Maryland with connections to the school's Signature theme for students who are looking for something a little further away.

  • AACC Partnership agreements are helpful to students who are investigating their college options. Transfer Agreements are a great tool in guiding you toward a decision. Please check with both your 2-year and your 4-year often as these agreements are subject to change!!!

    Below are a few options to explore under the lens of Public Service! 


  • Transfer Agreement-AACC to Bowie in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

    Interested in a 4 year degree in Criminal Justice at Bowie State? This guide will help you to see the type of courses you will need. Please note: These guides are subject to change! Check with both the 2 year and the 4 year institution to ensure you remain on the correct track!

    Click on the Image Below to View a .pdf version of the Transfer Guide!

    AACC Transfer guide to Bowie: Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice