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Field Experiences

  • We believe that students learn best when we offer them quality opportunities both inside and outside of our school walls.  Frequently, for students to more fully understand career profiles and pathways, it is best to have those working in targeted fields share their experiences and their workplaces directly with our students.  For example, students studying in our Homeland Security Signature Program at Meade High School are best served to understand what it means to work in a secure environment by meeting and speaking with industry or government professionals who hold security clearances and work in homeland security-related fields. Authentic conversations between students and professionals working in the public and private sectors across numerous themed areas, generate excitement and enthusiasm in our students.  Subsequent to these real world field experiences and events, we continue to support our students to explore and act on what they have learned upon returning to the classroom.

    Some examples of regional experiences offered to our high school Signature Program students include, but are not limited to:

    Arts and Music Performances at the Chesapeake Arts Center, Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, and Compass Rose Theater
    Aviation Field Trip to Signature Air
    Engineering Career Expo sponsored by DFI Engineering
    Explorations at the National Electronics Museum offered by Northrop Grumman
    Future Farmers of America (FFA) Offerings
    Health Career Fair at Anne Arundel Medical Center
    Visits to and Career Discussions with federal government agencies such as the FBI, CIA, EPA, USDA, FDA, NIH, NASA, etc.
    Tech Mania Showcases offered by the Fort Meade Alliance member organizations

    Please direct all questions you may have about Signature Program-related job shadows and field experiences to your Signature Site Coordinator at your high school.  Their contact information is available on your high school’s home page or Signature Program web page.