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Signature Courses

  • The curriculum for each of our high school Signature Programs is crafted to be rich with opportunities to see learning come alive through purposeful engaging activities and planned opportunities for students to meet professionals working in industry, government, and organizations throughout the public and private sectors.  Signature Explorations Courses exist in every high school.  These unique courses are semester or year-long survey offerings that introduce students to their school’s Signature theme.  These workforce-relevant Signature Exploration courses are collaboratively designed by AACPS educators and community/business partners working alongside one another.

  • The Public Service Signature program will inspire students to serve and be leaders in our local community.  Through field experience in various public service sectors and rigorous coursework, students will develop a sense of individual responsibility, life and career skills, industry knowledge, and the creativity and critical thinking skills required to achieve the highest levels of personal, academic, and career success. Students who take full advantage of the Signature Program offerings will complete high school highly qualified for both public service workforce sectors and higher education experiences.

  • Public Service Explorations 1 - one semester

    ✓ Unit 1: Introduction to Public Service: This unit provides students an introduction to the Signature Program and the focus area of government-funded services which are employment opportunities postcollege or immediate careers following high school graduation. 

    ✓ Unit 2: Leadership & Management: In this unit, students will explore the qualities needed for good leadership and design a leader from their research. 

    ✓ Unit 3: Civic Responsibility: Students consider the definitions of civic responsibility and what the obligations mean to be civically responsible. Students will investigate what it means to be a responsible citizen and identify their civic duties and roles in society. 

    ✓ Unit 4: Civic Engagement/Roles/ Opportunities: This unit extends the material introduced in Unit 3: Civic Responsibility into exploring the roles and various opportunities in civic engagement.


    Hear from students about their experiences taking this course: https://flip.com/+hzwtw2lv


  • Public Service Explorations 2 - two semesters

    ✓ Unit 1: How Will I Serve? The purpose of this unit is to acquaint students with the term Public Service and to build connections to areas within Public Service.

    ✓ Unit 2: Community Leaders and Changemakers The purpose of this unit is to acquaint students with leadership character traits and public service careers that benefit the community. During this unit, students will be introduced to service learning and develop an action plan with their classmates to create a capstone project. 

    ✓ Unit 3: Citizenship and the Legal Process Through this unit, students will gain an understanding of United States politics by studying the development of individual rights and liberties and their impact on citizens. 

    ✓ Unit 4: Social Justice The purpose of this unit is to acquaint students with a broad spectrum of justice throughout history as well as current movements. Students will apply the lens of public service to their discussions of justice.