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College Resources

  • Signature Programs offer students an opportunity to connect with higher education in a multitude of ways.  Whether it be taking a college course, visiting colleges to learn more about what they have to offer, or having guest college professors teaching in a Signature class, college connections are prominent within the Signature Program.  To help students prepare for whatever they choose to do after they graduate from high school, Signature Programs give students a variety of experiences with many of the colleges and universities in our area.  Additionally, our Signature Site Coordinators have researched many colleges and universities outside of Maryland with connections to the school's Signature theme for students who are looking for something a little further away.


  • Earn College Credit While in High School… Right Here At Arundel!

    18-Credit Small Business Management Certificate from Anne Arundel Community College


    The Community Development and Global Citizenship Signature Program has partnered with Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) to offer Arundel High School students the opportunity to graduate high school with both a diploma and an 18-college credit certificate in Small Business Management from AACC! 


    Students on this pathway will take college courses during their junior and senior years through the Early College Access Program (ECAP) and will earn dual-credit (high school and college) for some of these courses. ECAP courses receive 50% discounted tuition and students who qualify for FARMS meals may have the full tuition waived. Other scholarships and funds, including the Early College Access Grant (ECAG) may also be available to assist students. Students will take one course each semester during their junior year and two courses each semester during their senior year.  Junior year classes are offered at AHS during regular school hours. Senior year classes are either offered online or at AACC’s Arnold campus.  Students can take one or all courses offered.


    AACC Small Business Management Pathway Information Presentations

    English Version


    Junior Year Courses (taught at AHS during the regular school day)


    Fall Semester:

    Honors Entrepreneurship/ESI 103 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship

    • Students will take the AACPS Honors Entrepreneurship Class and take the AACC Proficiency Exam for ESI 103.

    • Students who earn a passing exam grade of C or better will be given proficiency credit for ESI 103.

    • There is NO COST to take this class or this exam.

    Spring Semester- Course Taught Here At Arundel High School:

    • BPA 111 - Introduction to Business - 3 credit course

    Senior Year Courses (taught at AACC's Arnold campus or online)


    Fall Semester:

    • BPA 120 - Small Business Management AND

    • BPA 162 - Business Communications

    Spring Semester:

    • BPA 125 - Marketing Principles AND

    • BPA 127 - eMarketing

    For additional information, see the resources below or contact Signature Program Facilitator, Ms. Stawas- sastawas@aacps.org  or your student's school counselor.




  • Salisbury University- Urban and Regional Planning Program

    Our environment influences how we talk, live and grow. Cities are a tangible part of your world that become part of your daily life: the school where you grew up, your favorite grocery store, that graffiti-covered traffic sign you pass on the way to work, that old man always sitting on the park bench. City planning is not just about the buildings or roads, but the environment we build and how we interact with it every day. With an urban and regional planning (URPL) degree at Salisbury University, you can help create these worlds within worlds.

    Careers for Urban and Regional Planning Majors

    Our program prepares students to compete for professional planning jobs in the private and public sectors, and to pursue graduate education. With a bachelor’s degree, you could become a junior or assistant planner, but you could also go on to become one of the following:

    • Civil Service Administrator
    • Community Development Worker
    • Environmental Manager
    • Landscape Architect
    • Planning and Development Surveyor
    • Project Manager
    • Sustainability Consultant